Research Greenhouse

گلدانی Dr Morteza Goldani

Greenhouses Supervisor

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Phone Number: 051- 38805806





With a total area of 1100 square meters, the Research Greenhouse at the Faculty of Agriculture was purchased from the Netherlands in 1985 and consists of 16 separate greenhouse ranges (60 square meters per range). The greenhouse began operating in 1995, coinciding the university’s 50th anniversary. Faculty members, doctoral, and master’s students conduct their research projects in these greenhouse ranges.

The greenhouse is equipped with an automatic weather station  (intelligent weather station system- automated environmental controls). Heating, relative humidity, Carbon dioxide, lighting and watering can be programed and controlled automatically and independently for each greenhouse range.

The greenhouse includes a head house (support space) which contains Physiology and Insect Ecology laboratories with various machinery such as growth chambers, freezers, autoclaves, germinators, and ovens.

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