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کمال حاج محمدنیا قالی باق   Dr Kamal Hajmohammadiniar

  Herbicide Performance

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Address: Faculty of Agriculture Research Farm, Torogh

Phone Number: 051- 33720100

This farm, with an area of 200 hectares, is located in Torogh. The farm at the Faculty of Agriculture has two deep, water wells, which produce an average of 60 liters of water per second. The water yielded from these wells enters the conservation pool capable of storing 3500 cubic meters of water which can later be used to irrigate the farmlands during the day. The main function of this farm is to produce grains, plants, and fodder for animal farming units as well as providing students with the means of conducting small- to large-scale projects (65 hectares of land is devoted to cultivating fall crops, such as oat, and 40 hectares is dedicated to farming spring crops, such as alfalfa and corn).

Twenty hectares of the faculty’s farm is enclosed and used exclusively for research by faculty members and graduate students. One of the most significant functions of this center is collecting and producing crops and maintaining valuable plant resources of the region.

The medicinal herb garden located at the farm has an area of 1.5 hectares, in which 60 medicinal species are cultivated. Furthermore, seven hectares of the farm is allocated to planting organic crops.

Address: Faculty of Agriculture Research Farm, Torogh


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