The Food Sciences and Technology Complex of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, equipped with production lines for various canned, dairy, meat, bread, and confectionery products, has been the proud producer of a variety of food products with the help ofexperienced members at the Department of Food Sciences and Technology.

This complex has been established to assist the educational activities of the faculty members and students of this department. With an area of 4000 square meters and three production halls, subzero and above-zero cold storage rooms, boiler and air compressor rooms, and production lines, the Food Science and Technology Complex is one of the biggest educational and research complexes among all respective university complexes in Iran.

The increased demand for the products of this complex has prompted us to optimize the production line and use the facilities more efficiently to match global standards, even surpassing them through adding variety to the products and using the best ideas from the theses and dissertations completed at the department. We hope that our efforts can satisfy our highly respected colleagues and be on-par with the standards expected from Ferdowsi University.

The products of the Food Sciences and Technology Complex include:

1- Tomato paste

2- Lemon juice           

3- Jams: Carrot and sour cherry jams   

4- Canned food: Baked beans and eggplant dish             

5- Pickled cucumber

6- Pickled vegetables

7- Canned cherry / cherry compote

8- Bread

9- Confectionery products

10- Tomato Ketchup

11- A range of healthy food products

12- Yoghurt

13- Milk

14- Sweets

Contact number: +9838804649-51


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