Dr. Ali Javadmanesh

Dr Ali Javadmanesh

Supervisor of Poultry and Sheep Research Center


Phone Number: 051- 38805899



Phone Number: 051-35422956


  • Poultry and Sheep Research Centersare located in 15 km distance toward the NE of Mashhad and includes several research housesasfollow:
  • Broiler chicken farm with 500m2 area and capacity of 5000 broiler chicken for undergraduate training.
  • Laying hen farm with 600m2 area and capacity of 6500 hens.
  • Broiler chicken research center including4individual houseswith total capacity of 500 birds each.
  • Quail research house with capacity of 2000 bird.
  • Sheep and goat farm with 900 m2shed and 1800 m2 stable with capacity of 600 sheep and goat.
  • Ostrich research open area center with capacity of 100 birds.
  • Agriculture farm witharea about 20 hectare for forage production.
  • Office, storage hangar, feed mill and agricultural machinery for cultivating and harvesting forages.
  • Fish production pool with capacity of 2000 pieces of rainbow trout


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