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A study to analysis the frequency of drought occurance under climate change condition in north east, south and center of IranDrought, Aridity index, Climate changeMohammad Bannayan Aval,Sarvenaz Farhangfar,sara sanjani,محسن کامیابPractical-Developement-
assessment of soil physical properties, yield and yield components and energy use efficiency in fallow- wheat system under dryland conditions.Soil Physical properties, yield, yield components, tillage, wheat, conservation tillageAlireza Koocheki,Seyed Javad AzimzadehPractical-
Evaluation of planting patterns and fertilizer treatments on growth and flower and seed criteria of common mallow as a medicinal plantCommon mallow, Soil fertility, Medicinal plantAlireza Koocheki,Soroor Khorramdel,Javad shabahang,Elnaz EbrahimianPractical-
Optimizing performance of sulfosulfuron+metsulfuron methyl and sulfosulfuron herbicides with surfactants to control wild barley (Hordeum spantaneum)ulfosulfuron+metsulfuron, sulfosulfuron, wild barley,surfactantMahdi Parsa,Hossein Hammami,Akbar AliverdiPractical-
Evaluation the cross and multiple resistance to ACCase and ALS inhibitors herbicice in winter wild oat (Avena ludoviciana Duriu.) of Khuzestan and Kermansha wheat fielsmross resistance - multiple resistance - wild oat- dose responseMehdi Rastgoo,abdalrasoul rostami,fatemeh hoseinpourFundamental-Practical-
Investigation of trifluralin and metribuzin soil residue on chikpea ( Cicer arietinum L.) growth and nodulationherbicide residue, nodulation and chikpeaEbrahim Izadi Darbandi,zahra soleimanpoor naghibiFundamental-Practical-
Effect of additive intercropping ratios of cumin with saffron on growth characteristics, yield and yield componentsIntercropping, Cumin, Saffron, Medicinal plantSoroor Khorramdel,Parviz Rezvani Moghaddam,abolfazll mirshekari ahmadiPractical-
Investigation of Agrobiodiversity changes in Esfahan province from 2008 untill 2010: biodiversity, spicies richness,diversity changes of Alfa and Betamorteza goldani,Mohammad Bannayan Aval,Mohammad Reza NaderiFundamental-Developement-
Evaluation of nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency in row intercropping of wheat and canolaefficiency, nitrogen, phosphorus, intercropping, wheat, canolaAlireza Koocheki,faranak nurbakhsh,mostafa cheshmiPractical-
Effect of intercropping sesame and mung bean on crop criteria and competition with weedsIntercropping, Ecological Aspects, .Sesamum indicum L. ، Vigna radiate LAlireza Koocheki,Hesamoddin solooki,Sana KarborPractical-
Influence the Impact of additive intercropping ratio on Chickpea and Saffron growth Characteristics and YieldIntercropping- Saffron- Chickpea- Yield- Nitrogen FixationGhorban Ali Asadi,Soroor Khorramdel, ,احسان ابراهیمیPractical-
The study of agronomical aspect of saffron-black cumin intercropping based on additional and replacement seriesessential oil percentage, corm yield, land equivalent ratioAlireza Koocheki,شادی قرایی,شادی قراییPractical-
Possible replacement of organic fertilizers with chemical compounds in saffron culture at widespread ranges of corm density under Shirvan conditionsChemical fertilizer, Corm density, Farmyard manure, SaffronAlireza Koocheki,Ghorban Ali Asadi,Milad Bagheri Shirvan, Practical-
Effect of annual weather variations on dry matter accumulation, leaf area index and radiation use efficiency of Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo)Keywords: climate change, growth indexes, nitrogen application, photosynthesis activation radiation, relative humiditymorteza goldani,Mohammad Bannayan Aval,Mohammad Reza NaderiPractical-
Evaluation of invironmental impacts for wheat Agroecosystems of Iran by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologyLife Cycle Assessment (LCA), wheat, nitrogen fertilizerSoroor Khorramdel,Parviz Rezvani Moghaddam,Afsaneh AminghafouriPractical-Developement-
Title: Evaluation of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) chemichal weed controlcumin, weeds, herbicideEbrahim Izadi Darbandi,hossein barmak,mahdi bagepour amraeeFundamental-Practical-
Evaluation of soil ecosystem services and carbon balance for different agroecosystems in KhorasanEcosystem service, Carbon bodget, Agroecolosystem managementAlireza Koocheki,Soroor KhorramdelPractical-
Elimination of spring irrigation restriction in maize plant through relay-intercropping with canolaintercropping, canola, maize, yieldAlireza Koocheki,Ghorban Ali Asadi,بهاره بیچرانلو,Milad Bagheri ShirvanPractical-
Effects of manure levels and plant densities on the yield components and yield of indigo (Indigofera tinctoria L.)Cow manure, Plant density, Medicinal plant, IndigoSoroor Khorramdel,Parviz Rezvani Moghaddam,fatemeh moalem,mina hooshmandPractical-
The possibility of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. cultivation in Agro ecosystems by using organic manuresGrowth analisis, chemical fertilizer, leaf area index, yieldParviz Rezvani Moghaddam,mahsa aghhavani shajari,fatemeh ranjbar,Roshanak Shahriary Ahmady,Ghorban Ali AsadiPractical-
Comparision of Environmental impacts for dryland and irrigated barley Agroecosystems of Iran by using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologyEnvironmental impacts, Agroecosystem, Cereal, Life cycle assessment, Dryland and irrigatedSoroor Khorramdel,Reza Ghorbani,Afsaneh AminghafouriPractical-