Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defined date of defense
Section Supervisor
Determination of energy indices for oil seed crops including canola, sesame, sunflower, soybean and cotton in Fars provincemorteza rahimi kiaM.Sc.Emadi2010-06-13
Design and implementation of a wear tests and evaluation of the effect of the corrosion on wearingSeyed Rahim MousaviM.Sc.Farzad2011-09-23
Design, implementation and evaluation of Rotary Torque meterafshin zainaliM.Sc.Farzad2011-09-23
Design, manufacturing, evaluation and dynamic analysis of a four bar linkage mechanism via genetic algorithm and comparing with numerical optimization design methodshooman hosseiniM.Sc.Farzad2011-09-23
production of biodiesel from edible waste oils and evaluation of estrification of the product on the performance of motor and exhaust emissionsnasrin sabet sarvestanyM.Sc.Farzad0000-00-00
Moisture content prediction of kiwi fruit in vacuum dryer using neural networkhosein majidzadehM.Sc.Emadi2010-12-28
Peeling evaluation of plum (prunus domestica) using heat treatment methodshadi momenipoorM.Sc.Emadi2012-07-03
Discriminating weeds from Canola using leaf reflectionshahab ezaniM.Sc.Emadi2012-07-03
Economic and technical evaluation of photovoltaic irrigation system for a greenhouseAtefeh GhasempourM.Sc.Emadi2012-07-03
Prepration and characterization of biodegradable plastic composite film from PVA, Starch and GumHamideh Sadat Aghili MoghaddamM.Sc.Emadi2013-07-02
Performance Evaluation and Numerical Simulation of Stored Maize Fumigation Process by Gaseous Ozone using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)Mohsen RanjbaranP.H.D.Emadi2014-05-26
Condition monitoring of Pistachio trees using multispectral images acquired by UAVAli MoghimiP.H.D.Aghkhani2014-08-25
Construction and evaluation of a three-dimensional scanner for modeling of agricultural productsomid ranjbaryM.Sc.Aghkhani2014-09-16
biogas production by solid-state anaerobic co-digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge of Mashhadhemmat salimi kuchiM.Sc.Ebrahimi-Nik2014-06-10
Developing a System Based on Machine Vision And Mechanical Sensor for Dairy Cattle Estrous Detectionali hassanabadiM.Sc.Aghkhani2015-09-08
Technical evaluation of common direct drills in Fars provincesajjad nowrooziM.Sc.Tabasizadeh2014-12-30
: Modelling and optimization of vacuum drying parameters : Golden Delicious apple as a case studyoveys bichranloeeyM.Sc.Rohani2015-10-13
Condition Monitoring of the ITM285 tractor engine by utilizing sound analysis and engine performance parametersmajid hassaniM.Sc.Tabasizadeh2016-04-12
Development of a Hybrid Photovoltaic-Thermal Solar Dryer with Parabolic Trough Collector and CuO/Water Nanofluidmehdi rekabiP.H.D.Abbaspour-Fard2016-07-19
3-D simulation of compression ignition engines with dual-fuel of biodieselFatemeh Sadat MirhashemiP.H.D.Sadrnia2018-07-01
Design and development of a greenhouse harvesting system equipped with an autonomous carrier robot and a positioner robotic arm using machine vision -case study: sweet pepper-ali akbarzadehM.Sc.Aghkhani2019-01-15
Analysis of combine harvester failure risk and its effects on grain loss using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis -FMEA-seyedmostafa zarghaniM.Sc.Rohani2019-01-15
Feasibility of detecting genuine saffron from some common counterfeits using spectroscopyMohammadAmin DaneshjooP.H.D.Abbaspour-Fard2019-02-06
Physical and mechnical properties of cucumber treated with calcium solution during storagesahar zafarnezhadM.Sc.Bayati2019-02-19
The use of adsorbent in anaerobic digestion of chicken manureAtefe Akhoundzadegan FahrajiP.H.D.Abbaspour-Fard2019-03-05
Development of Triboelectric Nanogenerator Based on Ceramic/Polymer/Graphene Nanocomposite for Sustainable Energy HarvestingNeda AsgarifarP.H.D.Khojastehpour2020-01-11
Investigating and optimizing the timing and amount of fuel injection on diesel engine performance and exhaust emissions.Zuhair AldarwishP.H.D.Aghkhani2020-06-14
Optimizing the angle of the slope of the power panel using MATLAB software. Case Study: A Specific of Razavi Khorasanjavad zaherboomiM.Sc.Bayati2020-01-14
Investigate the characteristics and failure mechanism in active bio-nanocomposite film based on polylactic acid-nanocelluloseneda tajariP.H.D.Sadrnia2021-02-03
Biorefinery approach for juice production: Economic and environmental sustainability assessmentLeyla BehroozniaP.H.D.Khojastehpour2021-02-23
The Analysis of Sustainability of Corn Bioethanol Production Process, Based on Energy and Environmental IndicatorsPejman AlighalehP.H.D.Rohani2021-02-23
Comparison of two methods for measuring the grains dynamic coefficient of friction -wheat, chickpea, lentil-.Bahare SalehiyanM.Sc.Aghkhani2021-02-23
Modeling and optimization of conventional saffron dryer parameters using computational fluid dynamics -CFD-Reyhaneh PakdelP.H.D.Rohani2021-02-23
Treatment of landfill leachate by coagulation–flocculation, nanoparticles biosynthesis and anaerobic digestion processesSaeed Ghanbari Azad PashakiP.H.D.Khojastehpour2020-06-09
Comparison the Effect of High Hydrostatic Pressure and Thermal Pasteurization Methods on the Quality of Lime Juice and its PackagingRazieh BabagoltabarP.H.D.Sadrnia2021-05-25
Development and evaluation of biodegradable composite potsAli BabaeiM.Sc.Aghkhani2022-03-15
Evaluation of biomethane production from anaerobic co-digestion of cattle, sheep, and poultry manuresSajjad HaghayeghM.Sc.Abbaspour-Fard2022-06-07
Identifying the purity of Iranian rice flour using spectral and hyperspectral analysis and chemical validation along with machine learning methodsFatemeh MirbeigiM.Sc.Khojastehpour2022-06-14
Numerical simulation of thermo-mechanics stresses photovoltaic modules in different conditionnasrin sabooriM.Sc.Sadrnia2021-03-16
Fabrication of titanium dioxide - reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites -TiO2/rGO- as the photo-anode in dye sensitized solar cell sensitized with red rubin basil dyeMohammad Ali MohebbiM.Sc.Bayati2022-10-04
Investigating the effect of diesel fuel injection timing containing organic cosolvents and iron oxide nanoparticles on the performance and emissions of compression ignition enginesAli VaysiP.H.D.Rohani2022-12-20
Development of engine lubricant monitoring procedure through electrical propertiesMohammad Reza PourramezanP.H.D.Rohani2023-01-24
Development of estimation methods for sugar content and some of elements in sugar beet by imaging and machine learning techniquesMohsen MahdianiP.H.D.Khojastehpour2023-01-31
Machine learning approaches for predicting the performance of Dye-sensitized solar cells: A quantitative structure-property relationship (QSPR) StudyMahdi DelavariM.Sc.Rohani2023-06-06
Development of an electrostatic-based method for separating saffron stigma from impuritiesSeyyed Meisam MazloumzadehP.H.D.Abbaspour-Fard2023-01-31
Effect of temperature on mechanical properties of apricot for postharvest damage analysisSaeed JomehM.Sc.Khojastehpour2023-06-06
Applying machine learning to investigate the effect of graphene and its derivatives on proton exchange membrane in fuel cellsKamran SoleimaniM.Sc.Abbaspour-Fard2023-07-11
Comprehensive Comparison of Polymer Fuel Cell Electrolytes Using Statistical Methods and Multi-Criteria Decision MakingNadia AbdiM.Sc.Rohani2023-07-11
Simulation and development of hybrid thermoacoustic piezo-thermoelectric standing wave engine for the generation of electrical energyHossein Alinia BengarP.H.D.Khojastehpour2023-10-10
Performance evaluation of the micro gasifier biomass cookstove with wood pellets fuelMina Yazdi Ghale NoM.Sc.Abbaspour-Fard2023-09-26
Redesign of fan and discharge spout of chopper to improve harvesting efficiency using computational fluid dynamics -CFD-Mahdi Ghorbani GivM.Sc.Abbaspour-Fard2023-07-11
Studying the mechanical behavior of agricultural products by macroscopic and microscopic methods (Case Study: Rice)FATEMEH BIDADGARM.Sc.Khodabakhshian kargar2024-01-09
Feasibility of using near infrared spectroscopy to detect adulteration in coffee powderYegane TarandakzadM.Sc.Khodabakhshian kargar2024-01-09
Investigating the effect of the installation position of photovoltaic panels on water on power generation efficiency and evaporation rateHeidar ZibaeiM.Sc.Baradaran Motie2024-03-12