Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defence Date
Section Supervisor
The Study of Effectiveness of Credits Early Returns Firms in Agriculture Sector (Case Study of Mazandaran Province)mehdy shabanzadehM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2011-06-15
: Feasibility flexibility of farmers rather than new insurance alternatives based on insured and insurer potential benefits(Case study Mashhadelahe azam rahmatiM.Sc.Kohansal2011-09-10
New designing saffron marketing with emphasis on role of packaging, brand and e-commerce in create it value addedKazem Farahmand GelyanM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2011-09-28
Environmental and Technical Development of the Economic Injury Level for Pest Management (Case Study)homa mohamadkhaniM.Sc.Ghorbani2011-10-11
Evaluating transaction costs of formal financial market and its effective factors in agriculture sector (case study: Mashhad city)saman maM.Sc.Kohansal2011-10-27
Investigation of effective factors on food & beverage industry depression in Khorasan Razavi - IranSARA YAZDAN BAKHSHM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2012-01-29
Effects of subsidy targeting of energy on sustaiability of crop pattern (case study)zahra hassan pourM.Sc.Ghorbani2012-02-12
Influence of the targeting of Subsidies on Price Transmission of Livestock and poultry productionsreza heidariM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2012-03-03
Management of Conjunctive Use of Surface and Ground-water using an Interval-parameter Inexact De Novo Programming Model under Uncertainty (case study of kavar plain in Fars province)effat ghorbanianghotbabadiM.Sc.Ghorbani2012-04-21
The study of farmers willingness to pay to improvement of quality and quantity of groundwatermaryam cheraghiM.Sc.Ghorbani2012-06-17
surveying economical effects of the water resource pricing policy(Chenaran region- khorasan razavi)ali sharbafiyanM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2012-06-26
The environmental effects of agricultural inputs pricing policy (case study: Chenaran )Zahra MahpeykarM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2012-06-26
Analyzing Role and Performance of Iran Agricultural Mercantile Exchange in Determining the Pricebehzad fakari sardehaeM.Sc.Mohammadi2012-09-10
Estimating economic value of water with using mathematical programming methods(case study:Quchan).ali rahnamaM.Sc.Kohansal2012-09-15
Assessment of the effects of subsidies target of energy carriers on products worth on food industry in iran emphasizing Khorasan Razavizahra nematollahiM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2012-09-20
valuation of watershed ecosystem and investigation of incentive structures of ecological goods and services improvement in watersheds (case study Mashhad)toktam amiriM.Sc.Ghorbani2012-11-07
Evaluation of the impact of protectionist policies on the value added of horticultural crops of iran in the framework of social accounting matrix of iran(SAM)zahra rezaeeM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2013-01-26
Modify the cropping pattern of yazd province according to virtual water exchange (case study city of khatam).elham taherianM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2013-01-27
Title: Estimating economic value of services of the parks and green spaces (case study: Mashhad mellat park).somayeh ghafooriM.Sc.Kohansal2013-01-30
An Estimation of Spatial Price Transmission in iranian saffron marketnazanin mohammadreza zadeh bazazM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2013-01-30
Simulation of demand function for meat in Iran , using genetic algorithm approachsomayyeh rahimiM.Sc.Kohansal2013-01-30
Regional planning in framework of the optimal agricultural pattern (Case study: Esfarayen)masoud hosseinzadeM.Sc.Kohansal2013-03-14
codification of Iranian saffron market development strategieshossien emamiM.Sc.Karbasi2013-07-09
: investigating effective factors on Iran’s pistachio exportation with the emphasis on food safetyNiloofar AshktorabM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2013-09-12
Organic products position in the future Consumption basket and Effective structures (case study)ahmadreza shahpouriM.Sc.Ghorbani2013-09-14
Determining Optimum Cropping Pattern of Farming Systems with Using Goal Programming Approach under Uncertaintysara malek niaM.Sc.Kohansal2013-09-16
Market Institutions,Transaction Costs, and Social Capital in the Agriculture crops Marketazita sarvariM.Sc.Ghorbani2013-09-17
The analysis of Market steructure and its impact on Price transmission and Marketing margin in Iranian milk marketmarziyeh mollaee mehnehM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2013-09-18
Evaluation the role of fruit and vegetable markets of municipal in improve of marketing efficiency ( case study of Mashhad )razieh mohamadiporM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2013-09-28
Assessment of Financial participation of farmers to reduce the adverse environmental impacts caused by water and soilhananeh aghasafariM.Sc.Ghorbani2014-01-27
Determine the optimal cropping pattern under uncertainty with emphasis on water resources managementmahsa bahraminasabM.Sc.Dourandish2014-01-27
livestock market price volatity and influencing factors(the case of iran)nikoo zavarM.Sc.Dourandish2014-01-29
Investigate Import Function of selected Agricultural products in Iranmohammad malakanM.Sc.Mohammadi2014-02-10
Determining The Optimum Cropping Pattern in same Direction with Energy management By Modeling Generate of Alternative In conditions of risk of Golestan province- Gorganjalal addeen gorganiM.Sc.Kohansal2014-06-29
Marketing of Aloe Vera in Khorasan Razaviparisa samadiM.Sc.Kohansal2014-09-20
Determination affective factors on tendency of poultry keeper to adoption aviculture technology in cage. (The case study of Bajestan county)mojtaba ahmadiyan marandizM.Sc.Kohansal2014-09-20
Application of fuzzy multi-objective linear programming model to develop optimal cropping pattern with emphasis on the sustainability of water resourcesfatemeh baradaran sirjaniM.Sc.Kohansal2014-09-20
The effect of trade liberalization on the environment pollution (Case Study: Groundwater contamination)hamed biabiM.Sc.Mohammadi2014-09-21
Title: Performance of agriculture and its role in regional development corporation (case study farm corporation Nilshahr)abdollah lavshabiM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2014-09-21
Evaluation of technical efficiency of beef cattle farms in Mashhad cityelahe bahmaniM.Sc.Dourandish2014-09-21
Reasons for delay or failure to pay the mortgage facilities granted to farmers case study: agricultural bankbahare maadanianM.Sc.Dourandish2014-09-21
Economic valuation functions Lake Cheetgar TehranSaeid AminiM.Sc.Kohansal2014-09-27
Impact of targeted subsidies on food security in urban regions of Mashhadamin baratzadehM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2014-10-04
Valuing the attributes of renewable energy investmentsahvan kasebM.Sc.Ghorbani2015-01-07
Factors affecting the forms of selling contracts for agricultural products(Case Study: Cotton product in Gonbad, Golestan)fatemeh sakhiM.Sc.Mohammadi2015-01-17
The survey of credits effect of early return agencies in the livestock sub-sector of South Khorasan ProvinceMahdi SadeghiM.Sc.Kohansal2015-01-20
A study on the effect of family on welfare of villagers access to credits (case study: Fars Provence)Farzaneh AlipourianM.Sc.Dourandish2015-01-26
A studyon the share and effective factors of Mashhad citizens purchase from fruit and vegetables market of Municipalityomid yakhkeshiM.Sc.Karbasi2015-01-27
Economic valuation of ecotourism in Iran: A case study in Naharkhoran Gorgan provinceATEFE BAYANIM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2015-01-28
Analyzing the Effective Factors of Agricultural Products Price Volatilities and Interactions with World Price (Case Study: Rice)Mostafa Kojouri GeshniyaniM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2015-01-28
The Impact of Agricultural Insurance on Investment in Agronomy sub-sector of khorasan Razavi proviencehosseini mozhganM.Sc.Dourandish2015-01-28
Designing the rice future market in Mazandaranmariyeh negahdarsemeskandehM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2015-01-28
Application of Social Marketing in reduction the consumption of fast food (case study sausages and burgers)zinat pazhouheshM.Sc.Mohammadi2015-01-28
Economic analysis and investigating the behavioral patterns regarding the adoption of HACCP system in food industry: A case studyhani hamzeh kalkenariM.Sc.Ghorbani2015-02-07
The study of transaction costs and consumer walfare on Mashhad municipality marketselham asgharnezhadM.Sc.Karbasi2015-02-21
The Identification of Protective and Corrective Actions to Sugar Beet Producerssamaneh tazhdehM.Sc.Ghorbani2015-03-14
Evaluation factors influencing the choice of consuming different medicinal plants forms (Case study: Thyme, Menth and Liquorice)samane heidarzadeM.Sc.Mohammadi2015-03-18
Environmental, social and economic impacts of dams constructed in the province of Khorasan Razavimarjan taheri saffarM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2015-09-14
Estimating Economic Value and Simulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agricultural Sector of Iran, (Case Study: Section of Agronomy)Mohsen Jamali PourM.Sc.Ghorbani2015-09-14
Rural development based on expand of business environment: an clusters approachmohammad tirgariM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2015-09-21
Modeling Rural Turism With Emphasis On Sustainable Development IndicatorsFatemeh ZafarM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2015-09-22
The Effect of Government Support Policies on Rice Market in Iranchiman sayyadiM.Sc.Karbasi2016-01-09
assessing willingness to accept producing organic products by farmers of Khorasan Razavi (case study: Mashhad city)Neda ArzandehM.Sc.Dourandish2016-01-25
Adoption of irrigation water policies to guarantee water supply (A Case Study in Fars Province)zahra saeediM.Sc.Ghorbani2016-01-25
Determinants of purchasing Iran’s exporting dairy products in Afghanistan, (A Herat case study)Mohammad AzemiM.Sc.Kohansal2016-01-27
Optimal allocation of agricultural inputs in the farms of Alborz provinceNaser AsiabaniM.Sc.Dourandish2016-09-20
The economic impacts of rural tourism on the target villages in Mazandaran Provinceseyedehfatemeh abdidivkolaeiM.Sc.Dourandish2016-09-21
Investigation of Amount and factors affecting the level of trust among farmers and extension agentsvida kavakebiM.Sc.Abolhassani2016-09-24
Investigating the Effect of Business Cycles on the Stock Indexes of Food Industry Companies in Iranfarshad shabanianM.Sc.Mohammadi2016-12-13
Investigating the Impact of Cheese Diversity on Demand and Welfare of Food Stores in Mashhadamir dadrasmoghadamPhDGhorbani2016-12-14
Optimal Exploitation of Groundwater Resources, with Emphasis on increasing the Welfare of Farmers in Hammedan-Bahar's Plainseyed mohsen seyedanPhDKohansal2017-02-04
The effects of climate change on crop pattern in Khorasan Razavi province (Case Study: Mashhad plain)SAMANE SOLEYMANI NEJADM.Sc.Dourandish2017-02-10
The Role of marketing strategies on the export performance of saffronmaryam kashefiM.Sc.Mohammadi2017-02-11
Effects of increasing agricultural productivity on macroeconomic variables in this sector using dynamic stochastic general equilibrium modelzorar permehPhDGhorbani2017-02-15
Study the effect of marketing network of agricultural products on the water resources management in Neyshabur basinHadi Rafiei DaraniPhDKohansal2017-04-10
Determine optimal crop pattern of Amol city with emphasis on groundwater quality managementhossein azamiM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2017-06-24
Investigating the Role of Ethical Marketing on the Decision Making Process of Rice Purchase (A Case Study in Kashmar)malihe ramezaniM.Sc.Kohansal2017-07-11
Decision support system for sustainable exploitation of spruce agroforestry (case study of Mashhad metropolitan area)mona mousaviM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2017-09-13
Identification of Effective Factors on the Acceptability of Agricultural Water Market (Case Study: Chenaran County)elham javan dizavandiM.Sc.Kohansal2017-09-13
The Effects of Marketing mix on Simultaneous Purchase Behavior of Dairy Brands in the Mashhad Market (Case study Kaleh, Pegah and Razavi)fatemeh deldarsaruniM.Sc.Mohammadi2017-09-17
Impact of irrigation water pricing on water use management (case study Chenaran- mashhad plain)elham shariatM.Sc.Kohansal2017-09-17
Prioritize the mix marketing in food-producing companiesSomayeh Kargar Mohammad AbadiM.Sc.Mohammadi2017-09-17
Assessment of environmental and economical efficiency on rice farms in KordkuyZahra HomayouniM.Sc.Abolhassani2017-09-18
The survey of Impact of Government Policies on Sustainable Supply chain of Milk and its Products in The Kerman Citysomayyeh naghaviPhDKarbasi2017-09-18
(The Role of Microfinance on Indicators of Sustainable Rural Development (Case study: Selected Villages of Torbat e JamAlireza Sani HeidaryM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2017-09-18
The effect of trade liberalization on production, consumption, export and import of riceleyla ravandM.Sc.Dourandish2017-09-19
Identification and measurement of socio-economic factors affecting the villagers’ intention to stay in rural areas (Case study: selected cities in Kermanshah province)mahdi mahmoudiM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2017-09-19
Investigation factors affecting on purchase of various vegetables in Mashhadnafiseh rouhiM.Sc.Karbasi2017-09-20
Climate change and its impacts on Iran‘s food securityHakimeh HatefPhDDaneshvar Kakhki2017-09-20
Evaluation of conductive plan effectiveness on rural development indicators in Khorasan Razavi province (Case study: Villages of Chenaran)ensyeh elsaghiM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2017-09-27
An analysis of environmental and economic consequences of property right regimes of agricultural water wells (Case study: Belharat Rural District of Neyshabur)farzaneh masoumkhaniM.Sc.Abolhassani2018-02-10
Evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural insurance (Case study: East of Golestan Province)Fatemeh Habibi NodehM.Sc.Ghorbani2018-02-13
The comparative advantage of saffron production in Khorasan Razavi province with regard to greenhouse gas emissions (Case Study: Torbat Heydarieh region)amin nezamoleslamiM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2018-02-17
Eco-Efficiency Analysis And Its Determinants, Case Study: Industrial Dairy Farms In Hamedan Provinceehsan khaliliM.Sc.Abolhassani2018-02-18
The Effect of Climate Change on Price Index of Selected Agricultural Productsafsaneh sheykhianM.Sc.Karbasi2018-03-06
Factors Effecting The Level Of Milk Consumption In Mashhadamin najafiM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2018-06-26
Consumption Behavior Analysis of income deciles with Emphasis on targeted subsidiessamaneh bahrpoorM.Sc.Kohansal2018-07-16
(adEstimating the economic value of the environmental benefits of urban treesYeganeh YousofpourM.Sc.Abolhassani2018-09-22
Drought Effects on Bank Loans Repayment by the Farmers (Case Study Agricultural Bank of Khorasan- Razavi Province)mazaher janat sadeghiM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2018-09-22
Determination Irrigation Water Demand Function in Neyshabur Plainmohammad keykhaM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2018-09-22
Identifying the Interaction between Mechanization and Agricultural Employment in the Agriculture Section (Case Study: Khorasan Razavi Province)fahimeh abasiM.Sc.Dourandish2018-09-22
The modeling of modern agricultural structures based on clusters in the process of rural developmentAliAkbar SarvariPhDDaneshvar Kakhki2018-09-26
Evaluation and ranking the environmental and economic efficiency of producing regions of saffron in Khorasan stateFatemeh Sa\'adt JoyandehM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2018-10-13
Spatial Investigation of Farmers’ Collective and Individual Actions for Acceptance of Agri-environmental Schemes of Water-Related Ecosystem Services ImprovementAli FiroozzarePhDGhorbani2018-12-05
Feasibility study on establishing Agricultural Consultancy Centers in Golestan Provincehadiseh gorzinM.Sc.Ghorbani2019-02-19
Crop Pattern Design under Risk Conditions in Faculty of Agriculture, Ferdowsi University of Mashhadsepideh fathabadiM.Sc.Dourandish2019-02-19
Investigating factors affecting the selection of strategies for entering raisin products into the foreign marketmohamad reza akramiM.Sc.Mohammadi2019-02-20
Investigation of Rice Demand in Afghanistan (A case study of Mazar Sharif city)Mohammad Nabi KhawariM.Sc.Kohansal2019-02-26
Factors affecting the level of environmental performance index with emphasis on the role of social marketingafshin foroomandM.Sc.Mohammadi2019-03-12
Determination of Resilience and Sustainability of Industrial Dairy Farmsleila hassaniPhDDaneshvar Kakhki2019-06-10
Optimization of Transportation Route of Living Fish of Golestan Provincevahid pourdazM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2019-06-17
Investigating the Afghan farmers' willingness to continue production of Saffron (Case Study: Herat Province)Shukrullah ShwobanM.Sc.Dourandish2019-07-08
Investigating the factors influencing the development of greenhouse cultivarssomsye javidM.Sc.Mohammadi2019-09-21
Modeling strategies for the export of medicinal plants case study in Khorasan Razavi provinceseyed hossein mohammadzadehPhDKarbasi2019-09-22
Investigating the effects of climate change and water scarcity on the agricultural market in Iranhasan alibakhshiM.Sc.Dourandish2019-09-22
Investigation of the Effect of Border Market and Dogharoon Special Economic Area on Agricultural Trade Developmentsalman vaezifarM.Sc.Karbasi2019-09-22
The Effect of Urban Suburbs Skills on Sustainable Rural Employment (A Case Study of Mashhad City)asma eghbalfarM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2019-09-22
Investigating Solutions Of Consumable Market Development Of King Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus Eryngii)elnaz khanzadehM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2019-09-22
The Farm Planning in Jam County with Emphasis on Social and Private BenefitsNafiseh ZekriM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2019-09-22
The factors affecting the development of sales of agricultural products through network marketing in Mashhad(Case Study: Honey, Tea, Rice)mohamad sadegh jafariM.Sc.Mohammadi2019-09-22
Presenting Patern for dynamic planing for Sustainable Rural Development in Ghaemshahrkomeil mahjori karmozdiPhDKohansal2019-10-05
Investigation of the impact of feedlot regeneration on rural sustainable development indicators (Case Study of Kashmar Region)samira ansaripoorM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2019-12-16
Investigating the Effect of Climate Change on Crop Pattern in Uncertainty Conditions in Khuzestan Province (Case Study: Azadegan Plain)ali khodadadiM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2020-01-18
Estimating spatial effects of road transport infrastructure on agricultural output of IranNastaran NajkarPhDKohansal2020-01-22
Dynamic Modeling of the Effects of Supportive Government Policies on Value Chain of Red Meat in MashhadParisa alizadehPhDMohammadi2020-02-29
Applying an Agent-Based model to simulate farm structure changes (Case study: Rural area of Islamshahr City, Iran)hooman mansooriPhDGhorbani2020-05-30
Modelling the Impact of Marketing Strategies on Consumer Behavior in Iranian Saffron Marketamirhossein tohidiPhDGhorbani2020-08-04
Strategy of Food Security with Emphasis on the Role of Underground Water in IranMohammad Mehdi Farsi AliabadiPhDDaneshvar Kakhki2020-09-05
Modeling of Export Iranian Food Industry Products Based on System Dynamics-Agent Base Approach to Vision 1404 Horizonshahram eydizadehPhDMohammadi2020-09-12
Investigation of effective factors on melon crop risk and its management in Mashhadsima ghazanfariM.Sc.Ghorbani2020-10-11
Modeling Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Dairy Cattle Industries in Khorasan Razavisomayyeh pakookM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2020-10-14
Economic evaluation of agricultural knowledge-based companies, Khorasan Razavi provincePejman AvazpoorM.Sc.Ghorbani2020-10-18
Investigating of the factors influencing the longevity of activity of rural agricultural businesses (Case Study :Khezri Agribusiness Corporation)Mohadeseh DavariM.Sc.Ghorbani2020-10-19
Outlook for wheat production based on capacity- constraints in Iran (Futures Studies of Wheat in Iran)Behzad FakariPhDShahnoushi froshani2020-10-21
Investigating the Welfare Effects of Non-Farm Employment and Income on Rural Households in Neyshabur Citysamaneh iravaniPhDDaneshvar Kakhki2020-11-18
The Relationsheep between Marketing mix & Financial Performance in Sugar Industry Of Stock marketsolmaz nojavanPhDKarbasi2020-11-28
investigation of drought effects on agricultural sector and economy of IranHalimeh JahangardPhDShahnoushi froshani2021-01-02
Investigating access to water on the desire to insure pistachio in SabzevarMehdi MirchooliM.Sc.Ghorbani2021-02-15
Investigating the role of public participation in sustainable rural development based on the protection of natural areas (Case study: Pistachio forest of Khajeh, Sarakhs city)MARYAM TORKAMANCHEM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2021-02-17
Investigating and Identifying of Optimal Portfolio Combination of Agricultural Bank CreditsAbouzar NahviPhDGhorbani2021-02-17
The Effects of agricultural (livestock) governance variables on price management in Iran (Case Study: Iran’s Livestock and Meat Market)marzieh ronaghiPhDGhorbani2021-03-08
Investigating the effect of moral hazards and unfavorable selection on irrigated wheat crop insurance in Khorasan Razavi provincesara kargar zarandiM.Sc.Dourandish2021-03-10
The Impact of Climate Changes on Selected Economic Indexes Rapeseed Farmers (Case study East region of Golestan province)NARGESS NOORUZI NODEHM.Sc.Ghorbani2021-03-15
Quantitative evaluation of the realization of the sixth development plan for the farming sector by aiming to improve the productivity of agricultural water consumption Khorasan Razavi provincefariba vahabM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2021-03-15
The Evaluation of the Role of Water, Energy and Food Nexus in the Management of Groundwater Resources Using Multi-agent Based Model in the Neyshabur plainRiza RadmehrPhDGhorbani2021-06-14
The role of financial access on the tendency of villagers to migrate to citiesSEYEDKHOSROU ETEZADPhDDaneshvar Kakhki2021-09-20
The Computation of Weather Based Index Insurance Premium for Apple in Damavand CountySASAN TORABIPhDDourandish2021-09-29
Investigating the effect of instability and export diversity on the export value of Iranian agricultural productsrozhin avinmehrM.Sc.Mohammadi2021-10-18
Climate Change and Its Impacts on Major Crops Production and Market in IranSamira ShayanmehrPhDShahnoushi froshani2021-10-19
Designing the milk supply chain desired model in Zahedan cityAbdollah shahrakiPhDGhorbani2021-10-20
The effect of installing smart meters of groundwater wells on changing farmers' behaviorfaezeh abdolhossein zadehM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2021-11-13
Credit rating of legal recipients loans in agricultural sector and effective factors on probability of defult (case study Melli Bank)javid karimzadehPhDSabouhi Sabouni2022-01-10
Determining the Returns and Damages to Scale of Agricultural units of Khuzestan province (Shush Daniel (AS) County)Seyedeh Narges KaramiM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2022-01-25
Analysing and Assessing the Possible Economic and Environmental Effects of Inter-Basin Water Transfer from Karun to Zayanderood (Case Study: Behesht Abad Water Transfer Project)Fateme HayatgheibiPhDShahnoushi froshani2022-02-07
The Economic Impacts of Employment of Non-Agricultural Activities of Farmers on the Agricultural Sector (Case Study: Sabzevar County)mahdiye salariM.Sc.Dourandish2022-05-23
Survey of Economic-Environmental Effects of Covid-19 epidemic in the Fisheries sector of Sistan and Baluchistan ProvinceAlireza SargaziPhDSabouhi Sabouni2022-09-19
Investigating the Performance of Irrigated Wheat Producers in the provinces of the country with an Environmental Approach During the Crop Years 2006-2018fatemeh zargaranM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2022-09-21
Investigating factors affecting the purchase of saffron by pilgrims in Mashhadafagh arfaM.Sc.Karbasi2022-09-21
Factors affecting on the Export Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Exporting Selected Iran Food Products( case study: Nuts Products in Khorasan Razavi Province)sara yarmandM.Sc.Mohammadi2022-09-21
Investigating ecotourism marketing in the direction of sustainable rural developmentcase study : Kang villagemahdiye rastegar yadakiM.Sc.Mohammadi2022-09-22
The effect of marketing mix on the consumption of genetically modified food products (Case study: Mashhad)Reyhaneh ZhalehM.Sc.Mohammadi2022-09-24
Investigating the Factors Affecting the Decreased Demand for Insurance of Agricultural Products (Case Study: Wheat Farmers of Torbat-Jam City)Sepide GhasemianM.Sc.Dourandish2022-10-03
Sustainable Supply Chain Management the Water Resources in North Khorasan Provincesaeed vazifehshenasPhDGhorbani2022-12-12
Investigating Factors Affecting the Export of selected Agricultural and Food Products from Iran to Afghanistanmaryam jafariM.Sc.Karbasi2023-01-04
Impact of Agricultural Support Policies on the Resilience of Rural Households -Case Study: Rural Farmers in Fariman Countyshirin zarif moradian farimaniPhDDaneshvar Kakhki2023-02-15
Modeling the resilience of Mashhad Plain to the reduction of underground water resourcesazadeh doganiPhDDourandish2023-02-19
Investigating the effects of nudges on consumer purchasing intention towards corn oil -Case study: Mashhad city-Houman HashemzadehM.Sc.Karbasi2023-02-19
Analysis of consumer preferences for conservation agricultural production (Selected products: tomato and fresh vegetables)Atefeh Taghizadeh M.Sc.Abolhassani2023-02-19
Designing incentive packages for operationalization of crop cultivation pattern in Khorasan Razavi provinceAMIRHOSSEIN GHADERIJOUYBARIM.Sc.Ghorbani2023-02-19
Application of Radial and Non-Radial Methods in Determining the Efficiency of Agricultural Units: Case Study Razavi Farm AgricalturesKosar AhmadiM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2023-02-19
Prioritizing investment of business chain related to livestock and poultry subsector in Khorasan Razavi provinceelahe Azam RahmatiPhDMohammadi2023-03-15
Analysing the effect of urban gardens on land price in MashhadFaezeh MirzaeiM.Sc.Abolhassani2023-05-20
Investigating the influence of dairy product packaging components on children's choice behavior (Case study: Milk)faeze badamehM.Sc.Karbasi2023-09-18
Analysis of factors affecting fruit waste caused by road transport: a case study of Mazandaran provinceMostafa SaberiM.Sc.Firoozzare2023-09-18
Choosing the contract model for the sale of saffron farmers' products to wholesalers and checking its incentive programsGhazale SalariM.Sc.Ghorbani2023-09-20
Analyzing the factors affecting farmers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' participation in watershed projects: A case study of Jovein plainDaryoosh GhlichyM.Sc.Firoozzare2023-09-20
Investigating the comparative advantage of saffron production and export in AfghanistanParisa Habib ZadehM.Sc.Firoozzare2023-09-21
Measuring the Population Pressure and Environmental Capacity of Food Production in Zayandeh-Rud River Basin (Iran)- An Application of Bioeconomic ApproachMohammad Tirgari SerajiPhDShahnoushi froshani2024-02-04
Factors affecting the acceptance of different methods of agricultural insurance marketing by the farmers of Mashhad citykimia naemiM.Sc.Ghorbani2024-02-19
Modeling the Best Strategies for the Development of the Market-Product of Major Organic Export Products in Khorasan Razavi ProvinceHanane AghasafariPhDKarbasi2024-03-04