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Effect of organic and inorganic fertilizers on growth, development, morphological and physiological characteristics, essential oil content and constituents of Agastache (Agastache foeniculum)Agastache foeniculum, organic manure, nitrogen fertilizer, essential oil, physiological characteristics, chemical compositionMohammad Moghaddam,احمد استاجی, Practical-
Evaluation the micropropagation of Dionysia tapetodesAlpine plant, Dionysia, micropropagationLeila Samiei,Ali Tehranifar,Saeedreza Vessal,MAEDEH AGHDAEIFundamental-Practical-
Electeromagnetic Instrument Designe and Made for Seed Germination of Sweet Pepper and Hot Pepper and FenugreekElectromagnetic, Induction, Seed Germination, Pepper, Cole CropsHossein Arouiee,Maryam Kahrobaeian,علی برادران رادFundamental-Practical-
Effect of Co2 concentration on rooting, morphological and physiologial traits in Shcefflera and Peperomiarooting, Carbon dioxide, Shcefflera and PeperomiaMahmoud Shoor,mahbobeh davudi,Atefeh mehryariFundamental-
Effect of mycorrhizal fungi on morpho-physiological and nutritional characteristic of some citrus seedlings under different level of salt stresscitrus, mycorrhiza, physiologic factors and salinity.Bhram Abedi,Behnam EsfandiyariPractical-Developement-
In vitro rooting of Natanz pear cultivarputrescine - Natanz - IBAGholam Hossein Davarynejad,Sajede KarimpourPractical-