Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defence Date
Section Supervisor
Effect of mulch and irrigation interval on growth and yield of tow cultivar of melon (Cucumis melo) in Razavi Khorasan province.Hossein Nastari NasrabadiM.Sc.Nemati2011-08-17
petunia, combining ability, inbred lines, hybrid seedHassan BayatM.Sc.Nemati2011-09-18
The study on the effect of bulb size and deflowering on the growth, bulb yield and essential oils content and constituents of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Lorestan\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" and \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\reza geimadilM.Sc.Azizi2011-09-22
effect of cultivars & growing medium on qualitative & quantitative characteristics strawberry in soilless culture system.Atefe AmeriM.Sc.Tehranifar2011-10-11
: the reversible of spent mushroom casing layer as casing layer for button mushroomsaeed nadiM.Sc.Nemati2012-01-02
The investigation on the effect of diffrent irrigation levels and mulch application on growth, development and active substances of mint (Mentha pipperita)M.Sc.Azizi2012-01-15
The study of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of several onion (Allium cepa L.) local cultivars from Afghanistansayed ali yaqubiM.Sc.Nemati2012-01-28
Effect of different concentration of BA and plant density on quantitive and qualitive traits of tuberose (polianthes tuberose) under aeroponic.reza daliri moghaddamM.Sc.Shoor2012-01-29
Effects of drought and salinity stress on physiological, morphological and biochemical characteristics of 3 Clovers species with groundcovers potential useNavid Vahdati MashhadianM.Sc.Tehranifar2012-01-29
effect of colored mulchs and space plant on vegetatives and reproductive properties on summer squashHamideh Fatemi tajaddinM.Sc.Arouiee2012-01-29
Effect of thermo- priming and plant densty on flowering, yield and cormlet production of saffron( Crocus sativus)Marziyeh NasrabadiM.Sc.Arouiee2012-01-29
study of propagation ways and seedling production in bladder_senna for application in landescape designahmad beikmohammadiM.Sc.Tehranifar2012-05-08
In vitro cultivation of Bunium persicum for large scale production of tuberous rootHossein Mardani KorraniM.Sc.Azizi2012-05-14
Study of seasonal changes in freezing stress resistance and assessment chilling of requirement of four grape vine cultivar under laboratory condition.hosein araghiM.Sc.Tehranifar2012-06-12
Breeding of tomato cultivar hybrids for agronomic traitsAKRAM FARZANEM.Sc.Nemati2012-06-24
Investigation of effects fungicidal essential oil from several medicinal plant and spice in control Bottrytis cinerea and Rhizopus stolonifer rot fungus postharvest under invivo and in vitro conditions.samaneh mohammadiM.Sc.Arouiee2012-07-14
study on interaction of Co2 enrichment and salinity stress on two ornomental plants: Gompherena globosa and Amaranthus tricolor (C4).maryam kamaliM.Sc.Shoor2012-07-15
Effect of plant density and cultural system on some qualitative and quantitative characteristics , seed and fruit yield and oil seed content of Cucurbita pepo var. styriacaShirzad SureM.Sc.Arouiee2012-08-14
Introducing and description of morphological traits of grape cultivars in khorasan research center collectionREZA MOOSAZADEHM.Sc.Shoor2012-08-26
Study on the effects of water stress on growth and essential oil of three Mentha speices under controlled conditions.somayyeh nezamiM.Sc.Nemati2012-08-28
Investigation the effect of several essential oils on reducing the infection of media culture and growth and development of plants in vitroseydeh zeynab ghazi motlaghM.Sc.Tehranifar2012-09-01
Effect of supplementary CO2 enrichment on quantative and qualitative traits of lilium cultivars(Ceb dazzle and tresor)gholamreza tork abadyM.Sc.Shoor2012-09-03
application of some auxin on rooting of peach cuttings under mist and bottom heat conditionsmahmood goliM.Sc.Davarynejad2012-09-10
Study of Bio Pomological characteristics of apple and pear genotypes and landrace grown in Khorasan provinceshadi attarM.Sc.Davarynejad2012-09-10
Improve of quantity and quality factors of Gladiolus spp cultivars at high density CO2 conditions in open top chambersmahdy mokammelM.Sc.Shoor2012-09-11
: Effect of IBA & NAA on adventitious root formatian of Iranin local pear cultivarselham ardakaniM.Sc.Davarynejad2012-09-15
Investigation of extending postharvest shelf life in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) cultivar synda.Mohammad Asef AkbariM.Sc.Nemati2012-09-15
Investigation of pre and post-harvest salicylic acid treatment on some physico-chemical properties and antioxidant activity of three apricot cultivarselham ardakaniM.Sc.Davarynejad2012-09-15
Improving of Iranian pear local cultivars in vitro.sajede karimpourM.Sc.Davarynejad2012-09-15
: Optimizing of cell suspension conditions in pomegranate cultivars and earlier investigation of their reaction in low tempraturessomayeh dorfeshanM.Sc.Davarynejad2012-09-15
The study on the effect of different level of K fertilizer on growth,development and active substance of St.John’s WortHELALEHSADAT KABOLI FARSHCHIM.Sc.Azizi2012-09-19
Effect of calcium nitrate and salicylic acid on the qualitative characteristics and storage life of pomegranate fruits (Punica granatum L. cv Malase-Yazdi)Hamideh Rastegari HedeshiM.Sc.Tehranifar2013-01-26
The study on the effect of manure and compost application on growth, development, microbial load and active substances of Mentha piperita and Valeriana officinalisSomayeh MirmostafaeeM.Sc.Azizi2013-01-26
Effect of Cacl2 and salicylic acid on quality and storage of peach fruits (cv.Amesden)and nectarine fruits(cv.Shabrang)sakineh arefkhaniM.Sc.Davarynejad2013-01-27
Effects of 2,4-D and GA 3 on male sterile flowers fertilization of eggplant and fruit qualitive and quantitive charachteristicsAfsane FooladyM.Sc.Nemati2013-01-28
Effect of IBA, NAA on rooting of softwood and semi hard wood cuttings of pomegranate cultivarsAmir DavatiM.Sc.Davarynejad2013-01-30
Investigation on effects of silver nanoparticles (SNP) and some natural compounds to extend vase-life of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii cv. ‘Explosiv ’ and ‘Rico’) cut flowersFarnaz SheikhM.Sc.Nemati2013-01-30
Influence of supplementary light and CO2 enrichment on qualitative and quantitavie traits of foliage ornamental Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) in greenhouse conditionsgholam reza chenaraniM.Sc.Shoor2013-01-30
The research on the effect of different levels of irrigation and anti-transpirants compounds on growth, development and active substances of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum)Rouhollah AmeriM.Sc.Azizi2013-02-27
The effect of different drying methods on the quality and biochemical characteristics of Mentha X piperitafatemh roozdarM.Sc.Azizi2013-03-04
Effect of different organic fertilizers on morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristic of bell and hot pepper (Capsicum annuum var. California and Capsicum annuum var. Red chili)mohammadhossein aminifardPhDArouiee2013-04-29
The Study on Cultivation Possibilities and Domestication of Kangar (Gundelia tournefortii L.)mostafa goharnezhadM.Sc.Nemati2013-08-21
Investigation of effects of various levels of irrigation deficit on various cool-season grasses native to Iran and comparison between their seed mixture with trade ones in order to use in landscapeelham saeedi pooyaM.Sc.Tehranifar2013-08-27
The study of cytogenetical and biochemical variation among Mentha species and polyploidy induction possibility on Mentha mozaffariani JamzadAskar GhaniPhDNemati2013-09-14
The study on the effect of some decontamination techniques on the microbial load of some important medicinal plantsrazieh valiasillM.Sc.Azizi2013-09-18
Evaluation of Kaolin effects on some physiological characteristics in pistachio (Pistacia vera var. Badami zarand)mina nurzadeh namaghiM.Sc.Davarynejad2013-09-21
Assessment of genetic diversity among Khorasan Razavi native Iris spp genotypes Using inter-simple sequence repeat (ISSR) DNA markerseyedeh zeinab attariM.Sc.Shoor2013-09-21
Study the effects of co2 enrichment on the growth,rooting and stomatal behavior in the two species of ornamental ficus (F.benjamina & F.elastica ) in greenhouse condition.nahid zomorrodiM.Sc.Shoor2013-09-21
Investigation of combining ability in tomato lines for agronomic traits.elham chamaniM.Sc.Nemati2013-09-21
Effect of putrescine and salicylic acid different concentrations on quality and shelf life of fresh pistachio nut Akbari and Sefied cultivarsmohammad ebrahim nasrabadiM.Sc.Davarynejad2013-09-21
Evaluation of the effects of aridity stress and effective microorganisms on morphological , physiological and biochemical characteristics of seedling and some of new selected Peach x Almond Hybrids rootstocksAli akbar shokouhianPhDDavarynejad2013-09-22
A Estimate Potential Yields in Peach and nectarinesali karamuzM.Sc.Nemati2013-09-25
The feasibility of sexual and asexual reproduction of Astragalus adscendens Boiss &Haussk.GHasem EsmailyM.Sc.Azizi2013-10-15
Determination of the best pollinizer for pear cultivars and determination of curve of fruit growthsajjad khomarkanM.Sc.Davarynejad2013-12-08
Effects of «A 200» Super absorbent, bentonite amounts and irrigation on growth and yield of lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)akram valizadehM.Sc.Nemati2013-12-30
Evaluation of the effects of salinity stress on morphological and physiological characteristics of Shishe Kab and Malas-e-Saveh pomegranate cultivars under field and greenhouse conditionsMehdi KhayyatPhDTehranifar2014-01-08
Study the effect of humic acid and yeast on morphological and phytochemical characteristics of Borago officinalis under two levels of manuresamira nasiriM.Sc.Azizi2014-01-11
The research on the effect of hydrogel superabsorbent and natural compounds, on vegetative, generative properties, and active substances of Ocimum basilicum L . var. keshkeny levelusomaye beigiM.Sc.Azizi2014-01-14
The research on the effect of sowing data, and anti-transpirants compounds, irrigation intervals on quality and quantitative characteristics of black cumin (Nigella sativa)zeinab safaeiM.Sc.Azizi2014-01-20
Effect of different methods of spraying foliar iron chelates on the qualitative and quantitative characteristics (Pistachio vera cv.Kalle Ghoochi)hadi shirkhaniM.Sc.Abedi2014-01-22
The study on the effect of growth factors and elicitors on Ganoderic Acid production optimization in Ganoderma lucidumnegar rahimiM.Sc.Azizi2014-01-28
Study of Micropropagation of Rosa foetida and Rosa canina from axillary bud in different in Vitro conditions.mahbobeh davudiM.Sc.Tehranifar2014-01-29
The study on interaction of CO2 enrichment and salinity stress on some qualitative and quantitative characteristics of basil (Ocimum basilicum)samad ebrahimiM.Sc.Arouiee2014-01-30
: Investigation of effects fungicidal essential oil from several medicinal plant and spice in control Penicillium spp and Rhizopus stolonifer rot fungus postharvest under Invivo and In vitro conditionsParisa TaheriM.Sc.Arouiee2014-01-31
Effect of different levels of salt (Nacl) and salicylic acid on some biochemical and morphological characteristics of four mass native basilmahdi mohammadzadehM.Sc.Arouiee2014-01-31
Effects of water stress on some morphological, physiological and biochemical spinach cultivarsmostafa kohzaddehmeyaniM.Sc.Abedi2014-01-31
Effect of silicon and salicylic acid on some morphophysiologic and biochemical traits of (Lolium perenne var.fancy)grass under salt stressMahsa MohammadiM.Sc.Tehranifar2014-01-31
Invistigation the effect of additional CO2 on quantitive and qualitive characers of lisianthus cut flower(Eustoma grandiflorum )in hydroponic ccultue condition.mahin nikooM.Sc.Shoor2014-01-31
The effect of Salicylic acid and Thiamine in the improvement of vase life of Gerbera jamesonii cv. Pink elegancemeysam mansouriM.Sc.Shoor2014-01-31
Phenological growth stages of pomegranate )Punica granatum cv. Ardestani and Sefid) ) in the Mahvelat areaabolfazl rahmati shahriM.Sc.Tehranifar2014-01-31
: Effect of salt stress and seed priming on morphological characteristics, yield and active substances of Calendula officinaliszakieh mohammadzadehM.Sc.Arouiee2014-01-31
In vitro propagation of ornamental Ponytail palm ( Beaucarnea recurvata )Atefeh mehryariM.Sc.Shoor2014-02-01
Effect of cultivation date and plant density on growth, development, yield and qualitative properties of Hibiscus sabdariffa. L in climatic condition of Darab.zeynab shakerM.Sc.Azizi2014-02-01
Optimizing urban green space for outdoor thermal comfort during hot months using modeling techniquesZahra KarimianPhDTehranifar2014-02-01
Effects of ‘Effective Microorganisms’ (EM) and salinity stress on morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics pomegranteMohammad Aref PourianM.Sc.Davarynejad2014-02-01
The use of biological fertilizers on the growth indicators Satureja hortensis L.zohreh kazemi hesarM.Sc.Arouiee2014-02-04
The study on the effect of quality and quantity of LED light on growth, morphological and phytochemical properties of PeppermintMohadeseh morabayanM.Sc.Azizi2014-02-05
Effect of salicylic acid on the growth and some morphophysiological traits of Mentha piperita in saline conditionatiye saediM.Sc.Azizi2014-02-07
Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Buchloe dactyloides, Festuca arundinacea and Cyndon dactylonMilad AkbarzadehM.Sc.Tehranifar2014-05-25
Effects of organic fertilizers and urea treatments on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of Spinacia oleracea Lzakie azariM.Sc.Arouiee2014-06-17
Investigation of morpho-physiological properties and kaolin treatment in relation to green skin cracking and aflatoxin content of six pistachio fruit cultivars during growthmehdi zarei mohamadabadPhDDavarynejad2014-09-02
Effect of microwave irradiation and potassium permanganate on shelf – life of cultivar nori Serotinousroya farokh taghi abadiM.Sc.Abedi2014-09-02
Effects of the fungus Trichoderma (Trichoderma sp.) in the lettuce crop (Lactuca sativa)shahab aldin ahoeiM.Sc.Nemati2014-09-08
Effect of culture media prepared in cultivation of Medicinal Mushrooms Ganoderma lucidiummasoud azimiM.Sc.Azizi2014-09-10
Study of Na and Cl ions toxicity on morphological, physiological characteristics and antioxidant activity of spearmint (Mentha spicata L.)zahra safari mohamadiyehM.Sc.Abedi2014-09-13
Effect of Trichoderma sp and Fe on qualitative and quantitative traits of Spathiphyllum sp and Tradescantia spzahra jalaliM.Sc.Shoor2014-09-16
Physiological and morphological responses of Celosia argentea var .pulmosa ‘Century Yellow‘ And Zinnia elegans ‘Magellan Cherry‘ And Calendula officinalis ‘Gitan Orange‘ to nitric oxide treatments under salin conditions.maryam jabbarzadehM.Sc.Tehranifar2014-09-16
Effect of grasses species and mulches on some quantitative and qualitative traits of native and commercial cold seasonhadi farhadiM.Sc.Shoor2014-09-17
The Study of Salt Tolerance in Five Ecotypes of Summer Savory (Satureja hortensis)javad razghandiM.Sc.Nemati2014-09-17
effect of hormone different concentrations and CO2 on rooting of semi hard wood cuttings of Almond * Peach hybridsayyedmahmood sajjadiM.Sc.Abedi2014-09-20
Polyploidy induction in eggplant (Solanum melongena) and investigation of it’s different levelshamed kavehPhDNemati2014-09-20
Assessing effect of different levels of salinity on growth characteristics, quality and quantity of 8 Fenugreek (Trigonalla foenum-graceum) ecotypesHassan FarhadiM.Sc.Azizi2014-09-21
Study on morphophenological characterizations and effect of pollination treatments on quantitative and qualitative jujube fruit yieldhossein roohbakhshPhDDavarynejad2014-10-28
: Investigation on the effect of biophosphorus and different level of acid humic on Growth parameters and oil content in evening primrose (Oenothera biennis L)Zeinab AghakhaniM.Sc.Azizi2014-11-10
The effect of seasonal changes on the physicochemical properties and antioxidant capacity of pomegranate fruit at different stages of developmenthadi tanavar zarmehriM.Sc.Tehranifar2014-11-11
Investigation of genetic diversity in some Iranian genotypes of Hawthorn (Crateagus spp.) by Morphological and Microsatellite Markers (ISSR).Hassan AkbaribishehPhDAbedi2014-11-11
Effects of salinity stress & Humic acid application on Biological, morphological and biochemical characteristics of 3 cultivars of Radishnarjessadat rohaniM.Sc.Nemati2014-11-19
Effect of vermicompost and mycorrhiza arbuscular fungi on some morphological and physiological characteristic of summer savory (satureja hortensis) under salinity stress.Aghil rostampour karizakiM.Sc.Nemati2014-11-26
: Effect of vermicompost and zeolite on the growth function of and get some quality herb dill in drought conditionssamira najafzadehM.Sc.Azizi2014-12-03
Effects of zinc and zeolite application on decreasing of cadmium accumulation in St Johnʹs wort ( Hypericum perforatum L. )Zhaleh ZandavifardM.Sc.Azizi2014-12-06
Comparison of essential oil composition and content, antioxidant activity and polyphenol compounds of Nepeta glomerulosa at different growth stagesHoda MoradiM.Sc.Azizi2014-12-07
Review of qualitative and quantitative traits in plants in response to organic fertilizers and biological SM.kheyrollah babaiiM.Sc.Arouiee2014-12-10
Effect of plant density and planting method on quantitative and qualitative traits of medicinal plantmahnaz bahlgerdiM.Sc.Arouiee2014-12-17
Investigation effect of media culture and plant growth regulators on proliferation and rooting of Myrobalan29c rootstockzahra shabaniM.Sc.Abedi2014-12-27
Effects of processed kaolin particle film on some important physiological and phenological characteristics of pistachio (Pistachio vera) and pomegranate (Punica granatum).safieh vatandoostPhDDavarynejad2015-01-07
Assessment of morphophysiological , biochemical and molecular responses of Petunia under drought stressmina zarghami moghaddamPhDShoor2015-01-25
Comparison of essential oils of some medicinal plants on the shelf, preventing the sprouting of potatoes in storage and some quantitative and qualitative traits.mitra javdani aslehM.Sc.Arouiee2015-01-25
Evaluation the ornamental potential and germination of several species endemic Alliums (Allium spp.) in climate of Mashhadamir hasan hossiniM.Sc.Tehranifar2015-01-26
Study the effect of humic acid substances on yield , quality and post harvest in strawberry fruit.ali tehraniM.Sc.Tehranifar2015-01-26
Evaluation of different substrates and different levels of calcium on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha Wendl.)farzane salahshoorM.Sc.Shoor2015-01-27
By use of different fertilizer swelling vermi compost on some attributes of two akvtayp mint food and beebalmnaeeme farsianM.Sc.Nemati2015-01-28
Possibility of plant micropropagation of seedless barberry ( Berberis vulgaris )mahin salamiM.Sc.Abedi2015-01-28
Effects of Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on growth and performance characteristics of parsley and Coriander under salt stress conditionsazadeh omidiM.Sc.Nemati2015-01-28
: Morphological and phytochemical diversity of some cumin (Cuminum cyminum) populations of IranAhmad ahangM.Sc.Moghaddam2015-01-28
Investigation of different Irrigation regims on vitality, vigial quality and physiomorphogical traits of some aromatic plant species in green roof systemmozhgan pilevarM.Sc.Tehranifar2015-01-28
The growth and proliferation of a variety of agricultural and industrial wastes containing cream Eisenia foetida contexts and quality of two varieties of ornamental flowers matthiola (pan-sinderela)vermicompost fertilizersomid fathy mohamad abadM.Sc.Shoor2015-01-28
Morphological and Biochemical Characteristics of Some Mentha species Cultivated in Mashhad Climate Conditionsseyyed morteza jabbarifarM.Sc.Azizi2015-01-28
Effects of IBA and Agrobacterium rhizogenesis on rooting of apple and pear᾽ s hard wood cuttingfahime azmoodeM.Sc.Davarynejad2015-02-02
Effect of foliar spraying Humic acid acetic acid and zinc Chelated on the qualitativ and quantitative characteristics of element concentrations in the leaves (Pistachio vera cv. ahmad aghaienaser alizadeM.Sc.Abedi2015-02-10
Investigation of Morphological, Phytochemical and Cytological properties of some Eremostachys laciniata Bunge PopulationsAlireza HadipourPhDAzizi2015-02-23
Assessing efect of Nano, Bio and Urea fertilisers on Morphlogical and Physiological characteristic of the two local population on basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)saeed fattahi siyah kamariM.Sc.Arouiee2015-03-17
phytoremediation potential of copper contaminated soils in ornamental plants and effect of salicylic acid on the copper toxicityMaryam AfroushehPhDTehranifar2015-05-04
The effect of different drying methods and storage time on the quality and biochemical characteristics of medicinal plant seedless barberry Berberis vulgaris var.aspermaseyedeh laleh talebzadehM.Sc.Azizi2015-05-05
Investigation of some morphological and phytochemical traits of (cucurbita pepo )under different organic substrates and different levels of fertilization with GC and IR analysis methodReyhaneh PajooheshgarPhDAzizi2015-08-03
Investigation of z-ligustilide production from cell suspension culture of Kelussia odoratissimia MozaffLeila Razeghi YadakPhDAzizi2015-08-17
The study of pollination habit with Xenia and Metaxenia in pomegranate.Mohammad Reza VazifeshenasPhDTehranifar2015-08-17
Effect of growing media, bio fertilizers Trichoderma (Trichoderma spp.) and surfactant on quantitative and qualitative traits and vase life of cut rose flowers cultivars Athena open in hydroponics systemsamane ariyamaneshM.Sc.Tehranifar2015-08-24
Determination of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of some turf grass species in presence of different super absorbentsseyedeh maliheh rabbani kheir khahM.Sc.Kazemi2015-08-24
Effect of micorrhyza and IBA on the rooting woody cutting of MM111 ,MM106 ,M7 ,M26 ,M9 apple root stock .Mehdi KameliM.Sc.Davarynejad2015-08-24
Effect of growth regulators, size of explant and culture media on meristem multiplication of seven sweet cherry cultivars and investigation of its possibility micrografting under in vitro conditionsMahboubeh ZamanipourPhDTehranifar2015-08-25
Evaluation of salinity tolerance in native Festuca arundinacea population in order to use in green spaceazadeh mousavi bazazPhDTehranifar2015-09-08
Study the potential of native ecotypes of crested wheatgrass (Agropyron cristatum (L.) Gaertn.) to introduce low-input turf grasshassan bayatPhDNemati2015-09-08
Quantitative analysis and simulation of peach tree growth and yield in relation with the soil water deficitMitra RahmatiPhDDavarynejad2015-09-14
Evaluation of morphological and phytochemical diversity of some ecotypes of Mentha (Mentha longifolia) in the South West of Iranpeyman azarkishM.Sc.Moghaddam2015-09-14
Determination the appropriate dose of gamma radiation (γ-ray) on the kiwifruit buds to produce new varieties.rasool barzegarM.Sc.Abedi2015-09-19
An investigation into adaptability and establishment of some ornamental grass species for urban landscapesreza amiri fadardiM.Sc.Kazemi2015-09-21
Ecological and phytochemical characteristics of Rumex turcomanicus Czerep. in natural habitats and evaluation of possibility for domestication under open field and greenhouse conditionsmorteza alirezaie noghondarPhDAzizi2015-09-22
The study on the effects of pollination and foliar application of nano-selenium and zinc sulfate on qualitative and quantitative traits of the Cucurbita pepo var. styriacasirvan motamediM.Sc.Azizi2015-09-22
Studies on cytogenetic and different propagation methods on ecotype Zizyphus jujuba Mill. in south khorasan province on available collection and the effect of coexistence of mycorrhizationSaeid DaghighiPhDTehranifar2015-09-22
The study on the effects of flash light treatment and different concentrations of NO3 on quantitative and qualitative characteristics in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L. var. Great Lakes Mesa 659 )Massoumeh MahaeiM.Sc.Nemati2015-12-01
The study on the effect of storage time,storage temperature and packaging on germination and active substances quality and quantity of evening primrose seedshoda ahmadiM.Sc.Azizi2015-12-20
Preparation and Prouduction of Solid Lipid Nanoparticle containing Zataria Essential Oil and its Evaluation Efficiency on the Shelf life of some VegetablesMahboobeh NasseriPhDArouiee2015-12-28
Evaluation of Bentonite, use of salisilic asid and Deficit Irrigation on Growth and Yield of Two Cultivars of Commercial Iranian Melon (Cucumis melo L.).Hossein Nastari NasrabadiPhDNemati2016-01-05
Investigation of morphological and phytochemical variations of medicinal plant Stevia (SteviarebaudianaBertoni) with the respect of secondary metabolites in response to several carbon sourcesVahid AkbarpourPhDArouiee2016-01-06
Effects of medium, the concentration of growth regulators and three species of Mycorrhiza Fungi on rooting and compatibility dwarf cherry seedlings(PHL-C) compatibility at in vitro conditionzohreh hoshyarM.Sc.Abedi2016-01-23
Induction of cold resistance using seed priming and seedling spraying and investigation of its effect on growth, yield and yield component of four cucumber cultivarsgolnar ghazianPhDArouiee2016-01-27
Effect of humic acid and fulvic acid on growth and yield characteristics of fenugreek under salt stressSaeed KeshavarzM.Sc.Nemati2016-01-27
Effects of temperature and light and some plant extracts on biomass and pigment production Monascus purpureusmasomeh rahhimiM.Sc.Arouiee2016-01-27
Study of morphological and phytochemical diversity of some bunium (Bunium persicum) populations in khorasan province.mahdi talebiM.Sc.Moghaddam2016-01-27
An investigation into ecological performances of living and non-living mulches in order to use in urban landscapesnasim safariM.Sc.Kazemi2016-01-27
Improvement the qualitative and quantitative traits of ornamental herbs colleus sp and codiaeum sp with use of trichoderma isolates and zincبelham showghyM.Sc.Shoor2016-01-27
The Studing effect of combination treatments humic acid and fulvic acid using Fertilizer, irrigation in on the qualitative and quentative characteristics of the two species of ornamental plants (Scindapsus spp., Pelargonium spp,)Rasool Abaszadeh FaroujiM.Sc.Shoor2016-03-09
Effect of packaging by polyethylene and heat treatment on shelf - life of two cultivars (Qandahari & Postnazuk) of Afghanistan pomegranateM.Halim kazemiM.Sc.Abedi2016-05-07
The study of phenology and phytochemical properties of (Rosa foetida J. Herrmann) from Kurdistan provincenesar allah veysiM.Sc.Azizi2016-05-31
Effect of foliar application of seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) extract on the quantity and quality of comercial tomato plantmahdi shahriari fakhrabadM.Sc.Abedi2016-06-11
The effect of different growing media on morphological and biochemical properties of some Mentha speciesMahdi BoghratiM.Sc.Nemati2016-06-15
: Study of Growth and Yield Response of Grafted and Non-grafted Greenhouse Cucumber Plants to Salinity StressAli FarhadiPhDArouiee2016-07-20
(Spinacia oleraceae L.) Effects of Bentonite and time of fertilization on growth, development and nitrate accumulation in spinach (Spinacia oleraceae L.)leila bandian soflaM.Sc.Nemati2016-08-22
Evaluation of different levels of nitric oxide and selenium on physiological and biochemical characteristics of some grape cultivars in drought stress conditionMehdi AranPhDAbedi2016-08-31
Evalution of humic acid and fulvic acid and amino acid as fertigation on quantitative and qualitative traits on cucumis sativus var. Super Damynvs under drought stressmeysam najafiM.Sc.Arouiee2016-09-10
Evaluation of the type substrate culture on quantitative and qualitative characteristics Three varieties of basil in terms of the production of urban homes.sahar ramezannezhadM.Sc.Nemati2016-09-11
The effect of temperature, storage period and different packaging methods on essential oil content and composition of spearmint (Mentha spicata L.)milad rahatiM.Sc.Moghaddam2016-09-14
Investigation of heavy metals (Ni and lead) purifying plants on sewage sludge of Mashhad industrial town by 4 species of grass in addition to the comparison and identification of above metals assemblage location in each species of grassmahdi mahmoudzadehPhDTehranifar2016-09-17
Comparison of three combinations of two light spectrums with the usage of LED lamps on Petunia and Pansy vegetative and reproductive growthazadeh rashidiM.Sc.Tehranifar2016-09-17
Study of genetic diversity of Mashhad pear genotypes and cultivars (Pyrus communis L.) using morphological and ISSR molecular markersshadan khorshidiPhDDavarynejad2016-09-18
Effects of IBA and mycorrhiza fungi on rooting of Gesila6 soft wood cuttingsamaneh emamiM.Sc.Davarynejad2016-09-19
Effect of the some products by several medicinal plants in controlling root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) on pistachio plant (Pistacia vera L.)kheyzaran dolat abadiM.Sc.Davarynejad2016-09-21
Effect of different levels of electromagnetic field on the parameters of vegetative, reproductive, physiological changes and the amount of active substance in two varieties of pot marigold (Calendula officinalis L)ali baradaranradPhDArouiee2016-09-21
Investigation of different methods of Amaryllis (Hippeastrum× johnsonii) culturing and propagation for increasing the proliferation rate during in vitro and greenhouse conditionsMahdiyeh KharraziPhDTehranifar2016-09-21
Physio-Morphological Responses of some Annual Flowers to Salicylic Acid Treatment under Drought Stress and Mixed Planting Design of Selected Species.seyed majid zargarianPhDTehranifar2016-09-21
Investigation of Physico-Chemical Properties, Bioactive Compounds and Antioxidant Activity of Ten Indigenous Barberry GenotypesMahsa Khodabandeh shahrakiM.Sc.Azizi2016-09-21
Comparison of Nano K and Ca fertilizers and Humic Acid on Growth Parameters, Essential Oils, Nutrient Absorption of Mentha Piperita.L under Salt and Drought Stressesmohsen salarpishePhDArouiee2016-09-21
Effect of Spray Application of Calcium Compounds Combined with Free Polyamines at Different Growth Stages on Physiological Problems and Yield of ‘Ahmad-Aghaii’ Pistachio (Pistacia vera L.)Hamid MohammadiPhDDavarynejad2016-10-05
The effect of substrate and supplements on yield and quality of the king oyster mushroomsnarges bozorgM.Sc.Nemati2017-01-31
Evaluation of polyamine compounds on growth and quality of Feshomi and Dezful olive cultivarssakeneh bagheriPhDAbedi2017-02-07
Effects of drought stress on yield and qualitative and quantitative characteristics ground cover species with potential use of landscaping of Mashhadhaniye elhamiM.Sc.Kazemi2017-02-08
Effect of ascorbic acid and humic acid on morphological, physiological and biochemical traits of Moldavian balm (Dracocephalum moldavica L.) under salinity stressrasoul narimaniM.Sc.Moghaddam2017-02-08
Effects of inoculation with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi and drought strss on growth factors, water relations and nutrients absorbsion in Vitis vinifera cv bidaneh sefidmohammad aslanpourPhDTehranifar2017-02-12
Plant bionanosensor fabrication and design to flavonoides, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and Bionik nanostructure mechanism considerFaramarz MoradiPhDArouiee2017-02-12
The study of Nutrient fertilizer, Storage condition, and essential oils of some plants on quantitative and qualitative characteristics and storage ability of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)azadeh hosseiniPhDNemati2017-02-14
ٍثEffect of season, growing media and mulch on transplant quality in vegetative propagation of pepino 9Solanum muricatum)sareh soleimaniM.Sc.Nemati2017-02-15
The Studing Effect of Increased Carbon Dioxide Concentration on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Two Species of Ornamental Plants (Scindapsus spp. and Singonium spp.)hadise fayazM.Sc.Shoor2017-02-15
Effects of plant species and irrigation regimes on selecting optimum planting designs and a preliminary study on air pollution removal potential of a green roof systemNavid Vahdati MashhadianPhDTehranifar2017-02-18
Evaluation of Salinity Resistance in Fig (Ficus carica L.) and It’s Offspring using physiological and Biochemical CharacteristicsMahvash ZareiPhDAzizi2017-02-18
Effect of different herbal extracts and packaging types on microbial content and shelf life of basil vegetableNarjes MansooriM.Sc.Moghaddam2017-02-18
Investigation and comparison of the effects of foliar spray of different elements via nano-fertilizers, chemical fertilizers and humic acid on fruit quantity and quality of pomegranate (Punica granatum L. cv Ardestani).Sohrab DavarpanahPhDTehranifar2017-02-18
Morphological and physiological responses of some calendula (Calendula officinalis L.) cultivars to high temperature durationtayebeh nazdarPhDTehranifar2017-02-18
Evaluation of Foliar Nitrogen quantitative and qualitative characteristics of grape (vitis vinifera L.) varieties PykanyMINA RAZMIM.Sc.Abedi2017-02-19
Anatomical study of the pomegranate cracking and the effect of scoring and spraying some safety compounds on it.Fateme MotavalianM.Sc.Abedi2017-02-19
The effect of different treatments on breaking dormancy of 8 species Hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) Iran native and micropropagation of species Crataegus pseudoheterophylla subsp. turkestanicamasoome hematifarM.Sc.Tehranifar2017-02-22
The effect of the spray and repeatedly spraying seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and micro nutrients in the pre-harvest quality and shelf due to apple fruit.hamed seyyedi moghaddamM.Sc.Abedi2017-02-25
Growth, Development, Flowering And Yeild Component Comparison Of Nine Wild Popiluation Of Iranian Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L)hoda saebM.Sc.Azizi2017-02-26
Effect of surfactant and bio-fertilizer application on growth, yield and some physiological and biochemical changes of spearmint (Mentha spicata L.) under deficit irrigationakhtar zandPhDArouiee2017-03-12
Effect of Potassium Nitrate on morpho-biological and yield traits of cultivars of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under salt and drought stressesmohammad razzaghiM.Sc.Nemati2017-04-08
Studying the effect of seaweed extract(Ascophyllum nodosum) and micronutrient solution on some quantitative and qualitative characteristics of apple Var. Red Deliciousomid fizollahiM.Sc.Davarynejad2017-04-10
Effect of Salicylic acid and potassium sulfate fall application on physiological and biochemical changes and cold hardiness in grapevine cv. Askari and its fruit set in next yearJAHANSHIR AHMADIPhDAbedi2017-07-01
The effect of foliar spray of calcium nitrate normal and optimized fertilizers and using nanocomposites films on postharvest shelf -life of peach (Prunus persica cv. Elberta)hossein ebrahimiPhDAbedi2017-07-09
The Effect of Mulch and Superabsorbent on Some Characteristics of African Marigold (Tagetes erecta) under different Irrigation Intervalshaider alobaidyM.Sc.Karimian2017-08-23
The study compared the impact of the application of organic fertilizers derived from municipal solid waste and urea on some quantitative and qualitative traits of peppermintYaser LotfianM.Sc.Arouiee2017-08-26
Effect of polyamines (putresine) and yeast extract spray on growth, yield and essential oil of peppermint (Mentha piperita L.), under salt stress conditionHayder Mohammed Khudhair AljazeaM.Sc.Abedi2017-08-27
The effect of amino acids, humic acid and biological fertilizers such as Nitroxin, morphological traits, physiological and biochemical basil (Ocimum basilicum L.).Hayder Ramadhan AlhasnawiM.Sc.Arouiee2017-08-29
The effects of hormones and a variety of substrate on the rooting of cuttings Rosa damascena Mill Gogan mass with different diametersAhmad KarimzadehM.Sc.Tehranifar2017-09-12
The effects of Root Zone Temperature and Electrical Conductivity on Growth, Yield, Lycopene, β-Carotene Concentration and Sugar Composition of Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) Under Soilless Conditions.DHULFIQAR HMIZPhDDavarynejad2017-09-16
Investigation of quantitative and qualitative characteristic of some pear rootstocks in Mashhad plain areaFARIBORZ ALIZADEH ZARMEHRIPhDDavarynejad2017-09-17
Effect of salicylic acid and calcium nitrate spray on Physico-chemical properties and storability of fresh Jujube fruit (Zizyphus jujuba .Mill)Hadi zeraatgarPhDDavarynejad2017-09-17
Study the effect of pre-harvest application of salicylic acid and post-harvest treatments with sulfur pad, calcium andMAHMOOD HASANABADIPhDAzizi2017-09-19
Evaluation of some medicinal plants extract and calcium chloride application on shelf life of apricot (Prunus armeniaca)malihe nezafatM.Sc.Moghaddam2017-09-20
Effect of mulch and cultivation method on quantitative and qualitative traits of four landrace morphotype of the nutty watermelonKAZEM HOKMABADIM.Sc.Nemati2017-09-20
(.The study on the effect of LED light on growth and active substances in St John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum Lelahe ghafourian hozouri esfahaM.Sc.Azizi2017-09-20
The Effect of iron and zinc sulfate to the common shape of nanoparticles on morphological traits, physiological and biochemical and absorption of iron and zinc in peppermint (Mentha piperita L.) under salt stresGhader Rostami tobnagM.Sc.Moghaddam2017-09-20
Allelopathic activity interaction of some medicinal plants using Dish Pack and Sandwich methodsomaye sadeghi fardM.Sc.Azizi2017-09-20
The Effect of biochar on morphophysiological characteristics and nutrient uptake of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) under salinity stressLeila MehdizadehM.Sc.Moghaddam2017-09-20
Study of physiomorphological, biochemical and molecular characteristics of resistant and sensitive Persian walnuts to cold in Mashhad conditionsShadi AttarPhDDavarynejad2017-09-20
Investigation of absorption of nutrient and quantitive and qualitative characteristics of plane trees in Mashhad urban landscape in drip irrigation and subdrip irrigationpayam pakdelPhDNemati2017-09-27
Effect of reuse of substrates with industrial and natural super absorbent on characteristics of Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) and Radish (Raphanus sativus L.) in Intercropping Condition.Fahime DelkhoshM.Sc.Arouiee2017-10-23
Study on genetic diversity of safflower for drought tolerance and ornamental characteristicsMasoud Eskandari TorbaghanPhDNemati2017-12-12
(Effect of some plant extracts on control of green and blue mold to Increase the Shelf life of Postharvest Orange Fruit (Thomson navel)sepideh mojarabM.Sc.Abedi2018-01-07
Feasibility of somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from endosperm and cotyledon of European pearatefe ameriPhDDavarynejad2018-01-14
The effect of different amounts of potassium sulfate on yield, yield compounds, physiological, biochemical characteristics and nutrient uptake in summer savory under drought stressNadia Rahimi babroiiM.Sc.Moghaddam2018-02-10
Effects of Climate, Cultivar, Orchard Management and Processing on Quality and Safety Parameters of PistachioSeyedeh Faezeh TaghizadehPhDDavarynejad2018-02-12
Effects of drought and salinity stresses on performance of Frankenia sp. for application in urban green spacehananeh sadeghiM.Sc.Kazemi2018-02-14
effect of peeling and drying methods onquantitative and qualitative dried plumsmalihe morshedlooM.Sc.Abedi2018-02-14
Development and Evaluation of F1 Tomato Hybrids for Quantitative Traits, Qualitative Traits and Tolerance to Thermal StressesSHANDIZ EMAMIPhDNemati2018-02-17
Physiological and morphological study of saffron corm and flower in response to different irrigation frequency, corm size , organic and NPK fertilizerszakieh shariatmadariPhDShoor2018-02-17
Effects of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) on growth, ornamental, physiological and biochemical traits of two commercial cultivars of amaranth (Celosia cristata) under salinity stresssima ebrahimi hosseinzadeM.Sc.Moghaddam2018-02-18
The study on the effect of different LED light spectrum on growth, cellular biomass and secondary metabolites production of Monascus purpureusAtefeh BakheradM.Sc.Azizi2018-02-18
Effect of type and levels of super absorbent and magnetic seed on growth and flowering of some varieties of petunia and marigold under drought stressMaryam KamaliPhDShoor2018-02-18
The study of substrate and Trichoderma harzianum L. Interaction on Growth and Development Root and Essential oil yield of Valeriana officinalis under soilless culture conditionnajmeh ghasemiM.Sc.Arouiee2018-02-18
Investigation of in vitro flowering in Rosa hybridanafiseh hoseinabadiM.Sc.Tehranifar2018-02-19
Evaluating the Effect of Temperature, Atmosphere and Packaging Materials on Some Physiological Aspects and Active Substance of Medicinal Plant Seeds in Apiaceae Family During Storagegonai baghdadiPhDAzizi2018-02-19
The Study on the Effect of some abiotic elicitors on secondry metabolites increasing of Hypericum perforatumnegin afsharzadehM.Sc.Azizi2018-02-19
Comparing the combining abilities, heterosis and genetics characteristics of cucumber lines for morphological, biological and yield characteristics in diallel analysis.Ecehagh moghbeli hanzaiPhDNemati2018-02-19
The effect of nitroxin usage and drought stress on growth and yield of two, Iranian and Iraqi Celery ecotypeaws alameriM.Sc.Abedi2018-02-21
Study the effect of methyl jasmonate on morphological, biochemical characteristics, content of phenolic compounds and secondary metabolite of basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) under lead toxicitysomaye asadiM.Sc.Moghaddam2018-02-21
Study the effects of essential oils and extracts of some medicinal plants on the shelf life and stability of strawberry fruits (Fragaria × ananassa Duch. cv. selva)mohammad moradiM.Sc.Tehranifar2018-02-28
The Study of Influence of some Amino Acids, Organic and Bio Compound and Methanol on Production of Broccoli Transplantsmorteza baratiM.Sc.Arouiee2018-03-07
The study effect of plant growth regulators Jasmonic Acid, Gibberlic Acid and Absisic Acid and ‎Socures in pigments regulating and color composition flower in Tulipa spp. (hybrid Darwin) cultivar ‎‎“kingsblood”‎Yaghoub HojjatiPhDShoor2018-03-10
The effect of Trichoderma harzianum and phosphorus on quantitative and qualitative traits of Pedilanthus sp. and Aptenia spseyede roghaye fatemiM.Sc.Shoor2018-03-10
The effects of different levels of UV radiation with application of protectants compounds on the morphological, phenological, physiological and phytochemical responses of three different species of ThymusAlireza ShayganfarPhDAzizi2018-03-11
Optimization of Thebaine Secondary Metabolites Production from Iranian Poppy (Papaver bracteatum Lindl.) Hairy Root in BioreactorNassrin QavamiPhDAzizi2018-03-11
The Study of MorphoPhysiological Changes, Growth and Development and some Quantitative and Qualitative Charactristics of Tomato (cv. Newton) Foliar Application Treated by some Amino Acids under Salinity StressMohsen poursoltan HojaganPhDArouiee2018-03-11
The study on the effects of pre- and postharvest application of silver nanoparticles, salicylic acid and some essential oils on physiological and biochemical traits and postharvest life of gerbera (Gerbera jamsonii L.) cut flowersMahroo Sadat MotaghayerPhDAzizi2018-04-28
Effect of some preservative solutions on postharvest morphological, physiological and microbial properties of rose cut flowers (Rosa hybrida cvs. "Red one" and "Samourai" )sara moghadam hoseiniM.Sc.Tehranifar2018-05-01
Effect of Different Treatments of Nutrition, Putrescine and Media on Growth, Flowering, Corm Production and Vase Life of Two Cultivars of Gladiolus (Gladiolus grandiflorus L.) under Soilless Conditionsali abdulsdadPhDTehranifar2018-05-12
Effect of Harvest Time and Drying Methods on Quantitative and Qualitative yield of lemon balmIBTIHAL KADHIM AZRA ALZUBAIDIM.Sc.Arouiee2018-07-04
Evaluation the Effects of Manure and Biological Fertilizers on Some Quantitative and Qualitative traits and Essential oil of Coriander under Drought StressAli Amer Dahham AlbdairiM.Sc.Arouiee2018-07-04
Effects of Salicylic Acid and Kno3 as priming treatments on Basil Seeds under Salinity StressMUSTAFA ALABBOODM.Sc.Abedi2018-08-13
The interaction effects of drought stress and freezing on growth and physiological characteristics of violaatiyeh oraeiPhDTehranifar2018-08-26
The effect of mycorrhiza fungi and some rhizobacteria growth (PGPR) on the physicochemical traits of marigold (Calendula officinalis L.) under drought stressMahdi Saheb hassanM.Sc.selahvarzi2018-08-29
Investigating on the effect of different LED light spectra on growth, biomass, active substances and application of various substrates on fruit body production of Ganoderma lucidumatefeh shabanianM.Sc.Azizi2018-09-04
The evaluation of the enzyme changes and morphophysiological by using of Trichoderma sp under drought stress on growth and development of Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa L.) bulbshamidreza zekavatiPhDShoor2018-09-09
Evaluation of morphological, ecological and biochemical characteristics of Iris spuria subsp. musulmanica with the use of green spacemoslem salehiPhDShoor2018-09-10
Investigation of Micropropagation of Begonia soli mutata in vitro Conditionsamane ghashghaeeM.Sc.Samiei2018-09-10
Comparison of three types of super absorbent polymer on morphophysiological, biochemical and essential oil content of Ocimum bacilicum ( cv. keshkeni luvelou) under salinity stressSara FarsaraeiM.Sc.Moghaddam2018-09-10
Evaluation if some strategies for drought stress control in the early stages of cultivation and stablishment in native tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea)Fatemeh NematollahiPhDTehranifar2018-09-15
The study on substrate, nutrition, theoretical terms and hormonal treatments GA and SA on growth and flowering of the African violet: Saintpaulia Ionantha (Wendl)behnaz ghalecahiM.Sc.Shoor2018-09-16
The Interaction Effect of the Quality Supplementary Light and Nutrition on Optimization of the Growth and Development of Tomato (C.v240)ladan ajdanianM.Sc.Arouiee2018-09-16
Improving of In Vitro Plant Regeneration of Some Important Iranian Apricot Cultivarsreihane yazdandostM.Sc.Davarynejad2018-09-17
Effect of Humic Acid Application and Iron NanoIron Oxide Spray on Some Quantitative and Qualitative traits of Montego Rose Bicolorsafiyeh ziaeiM.Sc.Shoor2018-09-26
Investigating Some Strategies for Management of Salvia Species in Xeriscape LandscapingMahdiye Jannati AtaeeM.Sc.Kazemi2018-09-26
Application of some chemical compounds on reduction of self-incompatibility coefficient and quantitative and qualitative characteristics of fruit of some pear and apple cultivarsPegah SayyadAminPhDDavarynejad2018-10-02
Iron nanoparticles synthesis via green (by some medicinal plants) and liposome carrier methods and its application as iron nano-fertilizerhelale sadat kaboli farshchiPhDAzizi2018-10-03
The Effect of mycorrhizal fungi on morphophysiological and biochemical characteristics of mexican marigold (Tagetes minuta) under salinity stressmorteza irajiM.Sc.Moghaddam2018-11-27
Investigation of the effect of UV-B radiation on some morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters of rosemary plants under salinity stressAbolghasem Hamidi MoghaddamPhDArouiee2018-12-10
Effect of spraying of different levels of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus on some morphological characteristics of saffron corm in Mashhad weather conditions (Crocus sativus L.)seyed mohammad jawad hossainiM.Sc.Azizi2018-12-11
Effect of amino acid types and temporary increase in electrical conductivity of nutrient solution on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of two cultivars of strawberry in soilless culture systemSamira BidakiPhDTehranifar2018-12-15
Studying planting designs and mulch types on xeriscaping methodZahra Nazemi RafiPhDKazemi2018-12-24
(.Study the Effect of Magnetic Field on the morphological, physiological and salinity stress resistance of marigold (calendula officinalis Lzahra tavakoli radM.Sc.Tehranifar2018-12-25
Ivestigation of morphological, biochemical and genetic diversity among Iranian genotypes of Mentha longifoliaalireza Moshrefi araghiPhDNemati2019-01-05
Evaluation of somatic embryogenesis ability of Nasturtium using different growth regulators under in vitro conditionsleila khosravi nahrabadiM.Sc.Shoor2019-01-13
The Evaluation and Selection Descurainia sophia Between Several Local Pupulation in Khorasan Razavii Province for Quantitative and Qualitative Traits and Medicinal propetiesnahid habibiPhDNemati2019-01-14
The effect of growth promoting bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi on growth, biochemical characteristics and secondary metabolites of purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea L.).malihe ghahremanM.Sc.Moghaddam2019-01-19
Investigation of the phytochemical and micromorphological variation of some Nepeta species in climatic condition of MashhadFatemehzahra AmirmohammadiM.Sc.Azizi2019-01-28
The Study on the effect of culture media, explant type and plant growth regulators on callogenesis, shoot regeneration and rooting of crataegus microphylla L.mohammadjavad sekvand soufiabadiM.Sc.Azizi2019-02-16
Effects of Selenium on Sex Expression and Some Morphophysiological Characteristics of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) under Heavy Metal Stresslila shekariPhDArouiee2019-02-17
The Optimizing in vitro Regeneration of Malus domestica L. cv. Golab Khorasan, Golab Kohanz and Mahale Sheykhielahe abbasi niazabadiM.Sc.Davarynejad2019-02-17
Effects of rootstock on Anthocyanin Biosynthesis and Phenyl alanin amonio lias (PAL) in plant tissues of Red flesh AppleTAHEREH PARVANEHPhDAbedi2019-02-17
Using Urban Horticulture and Value Engineering to optimize the design of an Urban Parknazanin hosseinpour sharafshadehM.Sc.Kazemi2019-02-18
Effect of different levels of salicylic acid and its application on cold tolerance of two melon varietiesshoaib jabbariM.Sc.Nemati2019-02-18
Effects of Regulated Deficit Irrigation and fruit thinning on quality and properties of spring apple fruitfateme badiee golmakaniM.Sc.Abedi2019-02-19
The Feasibility of Reducing Water Consumption of Cut Roses Using Silicon Nutrition, Training Sytsems and Salicylic Acidali dolatkhahiPhDShoor2019-02-19
A study of allelopathic effects of chinaberry, silk tree and pine on germination and growth of two grass species lolium prenne and festuca arundinaceaeNarmin AlaviM.Sc.Nemati2019-02-19
Evaluation and comparition of micropropagation , seed and cutting methods on Pepino (Solanum muricatum)maedeh aghdaeiPhDNemati2019-02-19
Study of the Effect of Rhizobium and Foliar Application of Aminoacids on Plant Growth, Yield and Chemical Composition of velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens L.)melika anbari yazdiM.Sc.Azizi2019-02-23
Investigating the effect of magnetic water on the morphological and physiological parameters of pot- marigold under salinity stressfahime ghanavizchiM.Sc.Tehranifar2019-02-24
Study of the effects of five cucurbit rootstocks on the growth, development and amount of active ingredients of medicinal pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo var styriaca)Azadeh Nazarpoor chahartakabiM.Sc.Azizi2019-02-25
Effect of Mulch Types on Soil Characteristics, Growth and Yield Traits of ‘Akbari’ Pistachio Trees (Pistacia vera cv. Akbari)mina nurzadeh namaghiPhDDavarynejad2019-03-10
Study Effective of Irrigation Management, Application Organic Manure and Nanocomposite Superabsorbent Polymers on some Characteristics Growth, Development and Yield of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)amin ramazaniPhDArouiee2019-04-24
The Effect of Plant Growth Regulators and Photoperiod on the Synchronized Flowering in some Chrysanthemum cultivarsnasim zarrinPhDShoor2019-05-04
‎ Effects of Gibberellic Acid and Salicylic Acid on ‎Quality, Quantity and Vase-life of Rose Flower ‎‎(Rosahybrida cv. Avalanche)‎Abdul Maruf YaqubyM.Sc.Tehranifar2019-06-18
Effect of Foliar application of seaweed extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) and Amino Acid on qualitative and quantitative traits, and some leaf element concentrations in pistachio (pistacia vera cul. Ahmad-Ahaghi)Saber TorabahmadiM.Sc.Abedi2019-07-13
Investigating the Effects of Calcium Chloride and Ultraviolet (UV-C) on Storage of Afghanistans’ Fig (F. carica cv Safed kohi)din mohammad mushfiqM.Sc.Abedi2019-07-13
Investigating the effect of landscapes and planting designs in improving children’s neuropsychological health in hospital environmentsMaryam AllahyarM.Sc.Kazemi2019-07-30
Evaluation of different levels of chitosan on morphological, physiological and nutritional characteristics of two citrus rootstocks in sodium cholride stress under in vitro and green house conditionsBehnam EsfandiyariPhDAbedi2019-07-31
Isolation and sequencing of p-insulin gene from Momordica charantia (MC) cultivated in Iran in order to heterologous expression in probiotic yeastmaryam rahimiPhDAzizi2019-08-31
Effects of pre-harvest application of Spermidine to fruit quality and storage life of ‘Camarosa’ strawberry in drought stressMohammad JeddiM.Sc.Tehranifar2019-09-14
Evaluation of Some Cultivars of Figs under Greenhouse Conditionsmohammad mansouri birakiM.Sc.Davarynejad2019-09-15
Optimization of Micropropagation and Virus Eradication in Apple cv. ‘Abbasi’ and Pear cvs. ‘Natanz’ and ‘Shekari’Sajede KarimpourPhDDavarynejad2019-09-15
Studying the propagation of barberry (Berberis integerrima) and Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill) using tissue culture techniqueRahim Nazary moghaddam aghayehPhDAbedi2019-09-17
Investigating the Feasibility of the Recycled Urban Wastewater Utilization for Some Lawns Irrigationnarges taraM.Sc.Shoor2019-09-21
Study of adjustment drought stress of bugle (Ajuga reptans L.) plants by using arbuscular mycorrhizal fungivahid ghannad ghorssiM.Sc.Shoor2019-09-21
The evaluation of salinity resistance of commercial and native genotypes of dog rose (Rosa canina) and the micrografting possibility of some commercial cultivars on themMahboubeh Davoudi PahnekolayiPhDTehranifar2019-09-22
Investigation of different amounts of salicylic acid on characteristics quantitative and qualitative of radish cultivars under different planting times.zeynab asghari dashtabiM.Sc.Nemati2019-09-22
Micropropagation and the study of abiotic elicitors on physiological and phytochemical characteristic of Senna Cassia angustifolia L in vitro conditionsFarahnaz AziziM.Sc.Moghaddam2019-09-22
Phytochemical investigation of five genotypes of Narcissus and the possibility of their alkaloids engineering by in vitro culture and feeding precursor “4´O-methylnorbelladine”Ameneh TarakemehPhDAzizi2019-09-22
Study on the application of edible coating (Aloe vera) and essential oil (Zataria multiflora) on microbiological and physicochemical characteristics of apple cv.Golden Delicious and cv. Golab چکیده امروزه توجه زیادی به ارزش غذایی میوه ها و سبزی ها می شود. سالم بودن مواذغذایی به عنوان اولین شاخص مهمmona ghazimoghadamM.Sc.Abedi2019-09-22
Evaluation of potassium silicate applying to reduce adverse effects of salinity on Tagetes plant (Tagetes erecta L.’Nana)Abolfazl babapourchalakiM.Sc.Shoor2019-09-22
Morphological and Physiological responses of two Alcea rosea ecotypes under drought stresstoktam oraeePhDShoor2019-09-22
Effect of Trichoderma (Trichoderma harzianum) on quantitative and qualitative traits of basil (Ocimum basilicum) populations under drought stressMojtaba salahi ostadM.Sc.Abedi2019-09-22
Study on the expression and function of two longevity-associated genes ( RhAA and RhCG) in cut Rose (Rosa hybrida L)Mina BayanatiPhDTehranifar2019-10-09
Evaluation of monocultures and polycultures of turfgrass and clover to approach to low input lawnsElham Saeedi PooyaPhDTehranifar2019-12-11
An Investigation of Flowering Habit, Morphological, Phytochemical and Cytogenetic Characteristics of different Iranian Landraces Thyme Species in Mashhad Environmental Condition of «Introduction to Thyme Breeding Process»samane mohammadiPhDAzizi2019-12-25
Phytochemical and Biological Evaluation of Natural Populations of Chelidonium majus L. and Optimization of Micropropagation and Hairy Root Culture Based on Sanguinarine ProductionMasoud ghasemiPhDArouiee2019-12-29
The Effect of Mycorrhiza Fungus on Qualitative and Quantitative Characteristics of Golden Rain Tree (Koelreuteria paniculata) under Drought StressMonavareh HosseiniM.Sc.Shoor2020-01-18
Influences of Activated Carbon and zeolites on the Allelopathic Potentiality and soil amended of saffron (Crocus sativus L.)mahdieh kheirabadiM.Sc.Azizi2020-01-21
Assessment of genetic and phytochemical diveristy and parthenolide profile of feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium L.) ecotypes and effect of nano elicitors on yield, metabolites and parthenolide contentReza ShahhoseiniPhDAzizi2020-01-27
In Vitro Propagation of Golden Rain Tree ( Koelreuteria paniculata)Mohamadsajad KamalishervedaniM.Sc.Samiei2020-01-27
Effect of mycorrhizal fungi on morpho-physiological and biochemical characteristics of coriander under cadmium stress conditionsFariba MohammadifardM.Sc.Moghaddam2020-02-01
Effect of ozone and microwave treatments on the microbial load and qualitative properties some of the herbal infusionSajedeh khalesiM.Sc.Azizi2020-02-04
The Effect of Biochar on Morphological, Physiological and Biochemical Responses and Accumulation of Lead and Cadmium Heavy Metals in Lettuce (lactuca sativa L. cv Syaho)Akram ValizadehPhDNemati2020-02-08
Study biology, cytology and productive system of some Iranian native Salvia species in Mashhad climatic conditionsGhasem EsmaeiliPhDAzizi2020-02-08
Effect of Zinc and Calcium Foliar Application on Some Quantitative, Qualitative Traits and Vase Life of lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) in Soilless Culturemehdi hesariM.Sc.Tehranifar2020-02-09
Effect Ascophyllum nodosum and Putrescine foliar application on Quantitative and Qualitative traits and yield of peach fruitJavad KamranfarM.Sc.Davarynejad2020-02-09
Optimization of Agrobacterium tumefaciens Mediated Genetic Transformation of Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus)Omid Aalami FarimaniM.Sc.Samiei2020-02-09
The study on allelopathic properties of some aromatic and medicinal plants essential oils on Lettuce and their mode of actionSomayeh MirmostafaeePhDAzizi2020-02-09
Response of growing media on morphophysiological characteristics of some ground cover plants for usage in an external green wall systemmansoureh jozayM.Sc.Kazemi2020-02-10
Study of air pollution tolerance index in some common tree species of the urban landscape in three zones of Mashhadsabah shojaee niaM.Sc.Karimian2020-02-10
investigating different levels of irrigation need and substrates on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of cut rose (Rosa hybrid. cv. Samourai) in soilless culture.mahin alboghobeishM.Sc.Tehranifar2020-02-12
Investigation of Physicobiochemical Properties of Some Plum Cultivars of Khorasan to introduce Appropriate Drying TypesFatemeh Nadalizadeh TorghabehM.Sc.selahvarzi2020-02-17
The effect of different nutrition and substrate on sweet Pepper (California wounder) TransplantMaryam AhangaraniM.Sc.Arouiee2020-02-17
Adaptability assessment of two Iranian species of fritillaria with ornamental use approachSajad AlipourPhDTehranifar2020-02-18
Effect of Organic Substrates and Nutritional Intervals on physiomorphologic and biochemical traits of plants in order to Sustainable Development of Interior Green Wallmohamad ali golestaniPhDShoor2020-02-19
The effect of putrescine spraying on morphophysiological and essential oil content of Mexican marigold (Tagetes minuta L.) under drought stressFaezeh ArastehM.Sc.Moghaddam2020-02-19
Effect of Trichoderma harzianum on quantitative and qualitative traits of five genotypes -M. Longifolia-ehsan esmaeiliM.Sc.Nemati2020-02-19
Study the Effect of Foliar application zinc and aminoacids on growth and yield of Medicinal plant karella (Momordica charantia L.)Seyyedeh zeynab Kamrani radM.Sc.Azizi2020-02-19
Study of the effect of salinity and soil texture on the yield and effective materials of garlic (Allium sativum L.)javad kamrannezhadM.Sc.Azizi2020-02-19
Investigating of symbiosis, morphophysiological and phytochemical response of Calendula officinalis L. to inoculation of different species of mycorrhizazahra kheiriM.Sc.Moghaddam2020-05-04
The Effects of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar vicea and Pseudomonas fluorescens on Some of Quantitative and Qualitative Properties of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) in Gorgan Conditionsfahimeh vahdatpourPhDArouiee2020-06-01
Investigating The Effects of Mulch Application and Plant Density in Three Species of Marigold(Tagetes Spp) Flowers under Low Irrigation ConditionsDouaa Matar AlissaM.Sc.Nemati2020-06-28
Possibility hybridization between pecan (Carya illinoensis) and Persian walnut (Juglans regia) and black walnut (Juglans nigra) by means of embryo rescue technique.mina ghazaeianPhDDavarynejad2020-07-20
..Study of nitrate to ammonium ratios and pH on ornamental trait’s of Gerbera branched flower in hydroponic culture systemKIYANA ZAMANIAN HABIBIM.Sc.Shoor2020-09-07
Investigation of Genetic Diversity in Some Iranian Genotypes of Prangos (Prangos spp.) by Morphological, Phytochemical and Molecular MarkersPeyman AzarkishPhDMoghaddam2020-09-12
Production of F1 Tomato Hybrids and Evaluation of their Morphophysiological and Qualitative Traits under Salt StressSomayyeh NezamiPhDNemati2020-09-20
Effect of drought stress and mycorrhiza fungus onmorphophysiological characters of tall festuca (Festuca arndinacea) underirigation with recycle waterrobabehsadat sharifinooriM.Sc.Kazemi2020-09-23
The research on the effect of some plant growth regulators to control of dormancy, flowering and quantitative and qualitative characteristics of saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in the control and field conditions.Rouhollah AmeriPhDAzizi2020-10-19
Study on the effects of propolis extract and hydrocooling on qualitative and quantitative characteristics of cucumber (Cucumis sativus)VAHID ANISSIM.Sc.selahvarzi2020-10-20
Morphophysiological and Phytochemical Evaluation of Salvia multicaulis Vahl. Ecotypes of Hamedan Province and Optimization of Seed Germination In Order to DomesticateForoozan SalehiPhDArouiee2020-10-21
Investigating the effect of shading on growth characteristics and fruit of Peykani grape in Kashmar cityjavad norooziM.Sc.Davarynejad2020-10-21
Study Effect of Some Plant Compounds and Intercroping Some Quantitative and Qualitative Traits of Khatuni and Khaghani Melonameneh raeisiPhDArouiee2020-12-16
Study of variation in F2 and F3 generations resulting from hybridization of tomato (Solanumlycopersicum L.) cultivars for quantitative and qualitative traitsZahra Rezaee ab barikM.Sc.Nemati2020-12-29
Study on Effective Treatments to Improve Water Use Efficiency at Different Levels of Drought Stress on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Tomato (Solanum Lycopersicum)akram farzanePhDNemati2021-01-31
Effect of regulated deficit irrigation and seed pre-treatments on growth and morphophysiological characteristics of some herbaceous flowering plants used in landscapesnagebeh Baratzadeh.bozabadM.Sc.Kazemi2021-02-03
Isolation, Molecular Identification and Biochemical Analysis of Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus G.Don) Endophytic Funginastaran hemmatiPhDAzizi2021-02-09
Investigation of ecological characteristics, phytochemical and genetical diversity and propagation of Rohida (Tecomella undulata) ecotypes in Sistan and Balouchestan provinceHussein JahantighiPhDMoghaddam2021-02-14
The effect of haloalkaliphilic rizospherical bacteria on increasing resistance to salinity stress in almond (Prunus amygdalus L.) salt tolorance rootstocksGHOLAMHOSSEIN KHALILI TORGHABEHM.Sc.Tehranifar2021-02-14
Effect of shade and mulch on quantitative and qualitative traits of khazar and shishe cap cultivars pomegranateahmad golmohamadM.Sc.Abedi2021-02-15
Evaluating The Effect Of )Morus nigra and Morus alba (Rootstocks On Physicochemical Properties Of Black Mulberry fruit During Ripening Stagessara bakhshiM.Sc.Abedi2021-02-16
Effect of Salinity and Application of Biochar Biofertilizer and Nitroxin on Greenhouse CorianderMojtaba SarsharM.Sc.Abedi2021-02-17
research of lines and their hybrids for quality and low temperature in tomato seedlingsmina bafekr shirvanM.Sc.Nemati2021-02-17
Cultivation possibility and investigation of nutritional impact on morphological, physiological and phytochemical characteristics of Eryngo (Eryngium caeruleum) domesticationElham DaneshfarPhDAzizi2021-02-17
Study of the effects of different levels of gibberellin and planting time on arrival time, number and weight of fruit of 3 melon cultivarsmorteza esmaeiliM.Sc.Nemati2021-02-17
Investigation of the effects of potassium application in carrot cultivation with salty waterSayed Mujtaba SadaatM.Sc.Nemati2021-02-17
Investigation and Comparison of Grafted and Non-grafted of Local Melon Cultivars -Zibadi- in Underwater Irrigation Conditionssima khayatzadeh kakhkiM.Sc.Abedi2021-02-17
The effect of biochar application on morphophysiological characteristics and uptake of marigold (Calendula officinalis L.) under cadmium stress conditionsHASAN KHAZERM.Sc.Kazemi2021-02-17
Investigating the Effect of Different Types of Drying and Packaging Methods on the Quality and Effective Ingredients of Pot Marigold Flower (Calendula officinalis L.) During Storage.esmaeil ghaderiM.Sc.Azizi2021-02-24
Effect of different levels of carbon dioxide and ethanol spraying on growth, biochemical, physiological and active ingredients of basilezat darabi hosein abadghaeniM.Sc.Moghaddam2021-05-11
Reducing the adverse effects of temperature stress through the application of salicylic acid, wood mulch and vermicompost in two cultivars of pepper L. Capsicum annuumsamira hosseiniPhDNemati2021-05-12
The effect of using oil meal on the growth, development and active ingredient of Medicinal mushrooms GanodermaSeyede mohadese Rouf seyednejadM.Sc.Azizi2021-05-31
Morpho-physiologic and biochemical changes pistachio rootstocks under the effect of biofertilizers by creating salinity stressabdollatif fazeli salmaniPhDDavarynejad2021-07-12
Effect of salinity on MorphoPhysiologically characteristics ‘Purple Majesty’ with application silica Pennisetum glaucumMehri BoroghaniM.Sc.Shoor2021-09-21
Greenhouse Covering Influence on Growth and Fruit Production of Two Tomato Cultivars in Winter and Summer Cultivation Periodsshahab ahooiPhDNemati2021-09-22
Evaluation of the effect of different levels of folic acid on physiological and morphological traits of Lolium perenne under drought stresszahra ghorbaniM.Sc.Shoor2021-10-19
Effect of chemical, animal, biological and vermicompost fertilizers on the growth, physiological, biological and phytochemical traits of Allium hirtifulium and Thymus daenensis Celak in two different climates of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari provinceRazieh AmirkhaniPhDArouiee2021-10-19
Effect of sodium, potassium and calcium ions (Na, K, Ca) on quantitative and qualitative traits and uptake of spinach plant elementsRashin akhtariM.Sc.Davarynejad2021-10-20
Investigating the effect of mycorrhiza on quantitative and qualittative characteristics rosagernaium flower (Pelargonium zonal L.)hamideh heydariM.Sc.Shoor2021-10-20
The effect of visual characteristics of plants and some social factors on people’s preferences for xeric landscape plantsparisa abbasi dashtakiM.Sc.Kazemi2021-12-19
Investigation of diversity and selection of top genotypes among several breeding populations of flixweed (Descuarinia Sophia L.).mohammad zarifianM.Sc.Nemati2021-12-20
Effect of priming and foliar application with silicon and selenium on seed germination, morphophysiological and biochemical properties of Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo var. styriaca) under cold stresszahra chenariM.Sc.Moghaddam2022-01-05
People\\\'s attitude toward urban agriculture in Mashhadmahsa samadiM.Sc.Kazemi2022-01-08
Effect of vegetative rootstocks on physicochemical and growth characteristics of commercial apple cultivarsELAHE HOSSEINI SANAVIEM.Sc.Abedi2022-02-12
Evaluation of the effect of growth-promoting bacteria and drought stress on morphophysiological and growth characteristics of Kholan shrubNahid SadeghiM.Sc.Kazemi2022-02-22
Combining ornamental green spaces and urban agriculture to achieve sustainable green roof systems in Mashhad climate conditionsSeedeh Maliheh Rabbani Kheir khahPhDKazemi2022-02-23
Evaluation of cultivars of marigold (Calendula officinalis) to drought stress with parameters and indicators of drought resistance and achieve tolerance threshold of superior cultivarMARYAM ZARGHAMI MOGHADAMPhDShoor2022-02-28
Investigation of the possibility of inoculation of different species of mycorrhizal fungi and their effect on growth, physiological and biochemical properties of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graceum)shakila ghorooriM.Sc.Moghaddam2022-03-02
Feasibility preparation of aloe vera gel nano- emulsion containing Zizphora essential oil and evaluation of its effect on the shelf life of Valencia orange ) Citrus sinensis cv. valencia (tayebeh baeradehM.Sc.Arouiee2022-03-05
Effect of Titanium Dioxide Nano Chelate on Physicochemical Properties of Strawberry cv. Camarosa under Different Irrigation Conditionsmostafa javanM.Sc.selahvarzi2022-03-06
Cytogenetical, morphological and phytochemical study of the perennial species of Trigonella L. in the north east of Iran and investigation of their cultivation feasibility for medicinal purposesHamid Reza SharghiPhDAzizi2022-03-07
Fine-mapping of quantitative trait loci for cold tolerance in Solanum habrochaitesZahra NematiPhDNemati2022-03-07
Effect of rootstock and fruit harvest date on quantitative, qualitative and storage attributes of Golden Delicious appleReza nazarigholjoghM.Sc.selahvarzi2022-03-08
Compost enrichment with CaSO4, sucrose and oil-seed residue on quality and quantity of Ganodema lucidum fruit bodyGiti HassanpourfardM.Sc.Azizi2022-03-08
Evaluating the effect of M9 and MM106 rootstocks on Phenological, Physicochemical and Storage Properties of two Apple Cultivars -Braeburnand Golden Delicious-hossine mohammadpoorM.Sc.selahvarzi2022-03-09
Investigation of the effect of duration and intensity of salt water magnetization on growth indices, process and functions in Meadowsage (Salvia virgata Jacq.)Mitra khosrojerdiM.Sc.Moghaddam2022-03-09
Effect of Benzyl Adenine and Phosphorus Fertilizers on suckering of Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Laurentii’mohsen hasan pourM.Sc.Kazemi2022-03-16
Studying different propagation methods of Iris ferdowsii, a new and endemic species of Iran, and the feasibility of its introduction as a new ornamental plantnasim safariPhDTehranifar2022-05-14
Investigating the effect of deficit irrigation with SDI and PRD techniques and foliar spraying with potassium silicate in Ligustrum vulgar L.zainab alwaweM.Sc.Shoor2022-08-02
Optimization and semi-industrial production of lovastatin and pigment from the medicinal fungus Monascus purpureusAMIRHASSAN ASADIANPhDAzizi2022-08-27
The effect of foliar application of titanium dioxide nano chelate on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of some strawberry cultivars under soilless culture conditionsFatemeh JavanM.Sc.selahvarzi2022-09-22
Comparison of the effect of biological and mineral fertilizers on vegetative,physiological traits and standard seedling production of two cultivars of field papperMohammad mahdi Danesh moghaddamM.Sc.Arouiee2022-09-22
Comparison of the effect of biological fertilizers on morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics of Brussels sprouts different organic substrates (Brassica oleraceae var.Gemmifera DC)Ali BarazandehM.Sc.Arouiee2022-09-22
The study of growth and physiochemical changes of grafted and non_grafted greenhouse tomato transplants under LED light spectra conditionsSeyed Reza SoltaniPhDArouiee2022-09-28
The effect of mycorrhiza and spermidin on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Eustoma grandiflorumfateme rezaei M.Sc.Shoor2022-10-16
The study of seed micromorphology, phytochemical characteristics, and the amount and components of the effective substances of three varieties of Ajowan (Trachyspermum ammi L.) in the climatic conditions of MashhadZahra Azizi DaghiyanM.Sc.Azizi2022-10-17
: Evaluation of the effect of ultraviolet radiation on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of date cultivars during storageMohammed LawandiM.Sc.Abedi2022-10-19
Evaluation effect of selenate and selenite on morphophysiological properties, nutrient uptake and active ingredients of peppermint Mentha piperita in soilless cultivation systemhalime jafariM.Sc.Moghaddam2022-10-22
Optimization of Active Ingredients Production by Lingzhi Mushroom "Ganoderma lucidum" in submerged Culture and evaluation its anticancer activity using Selenium NanoparticlesJaleh ZandavifardPhDAzizi2022-10-22
Comparison of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of antioxidant properties local plum cultivars Helmand province of AfghanistanMohammad Eisa FaiezM.Sc.Abedi2022-10-22
Investigation of micropagation and increasing drought resistance of some sage speciese (Salvia sp.) to in vitroMarziyeh KalatehM.Sc.Kazemi2022-11-05
Assessment of people's preferences and perceptions on biodiversity in Mashhad urban parksHaniyeh Abbasi Vali AbadM.Sc.Kazemi2022-11-19
Direct and indirect regeneration of Salvia rosmarinusSeyyedeh Daria SajediM.Sc.Shoor2022-11-19
The effects of some plant extracts and polylysine (ɛ-PL) on the control of decay-causing bacteria and increasing the shelf life of basil and lettuceleila bandiansoflaPhDMoghaddam2023-02-06
Preparation and characterization of solid lipid nanoparticles containing essential oil of Mentha × piperita on increasing the shelf life of Fragaria × ananassa cv. camarosa and Solanum lycopersicum cv. santiago F1Masoumeh Vakili GhartavolPhDArouiee2023-02-08
The effect of gibberellic acid and thymol on the quality and vase life of Alstroemeria leaves and cut flowers after harvestingmohammad smael jafariM.Sc.Shoor2023-02-12
Study of autecology, morphological, ecophysiological and phytochemical characteristics of some species of Ferulago spp. As an introduction to its domesticationRasoul NarimaniPhDMoghaddam2023-02-12
Induction of Morph-Physiological and Phytochemical Alternation of Salvia Officinalis L. by Manipulating Light Spectrummahdi moradiPhDArouiee2023-02-13
Investigation of micropropagation and the effect of methyl jasmonate on process and functions of dragon s head (Lallementia iberica) under salinity stress in vitro conditionssamaher saad hadi AL-ArnoosiM.Sc.Moghaddam2023-02-15
Biophilic design in stressful work environments Case Study: Fire stationsMarziyeh ZoghiM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-02-15
Evaluation of grape harvest time and vacuum drying on physicochemical properties of white seedless Quchan raisin cultivarFaeze KiumarsiM.Sc.Abedi2023-02-19
Investigation of the effect of different light spectra on growth and physiological and biochemical characteristics of Hypoestes phyllostachyazeinab jamchiM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-02-19
A study on the perceptions and preferences of depressed students towards horticultural therapy (Case study: Mashhad city)Shima BakhshayeshiM.Sc.Shoor2023-02-19
The investigation the effect of 1-MCP and NO before and postharvest on maintaining quality and extending storability of fresh pistachiomohammad momeniPhDAbedi2023-02-19
Investigating the dyeability and vase life of rose cut flowers under the influence of edible colors and preservativesSoheila Sadat JoghataeeM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-02-19
Optimization of micropropagation and investigation of physiological and biochemical mechanisms of basil to drought stress in in vitro conditionsBatool Al-sabtiM.Sc.Moghaddam2023-02-19
Optimization of Micropropagation and Virus Eradication of some important local Grape Varieties under in vitro Conditionkheyzaran dolat abadiPhDDavarynejad2023-02-19
The effects of some growth stimulants and plant hormones on flowering and physiological reactions of Freesia hybridmohadeseh hatefiPhDShoor2023-02-19
The effect of type of priming on germination indices Pumpkin seedlings (Cucurbita pepo subsp. pepo var. styriaca) under salinity stressAfsane SaadatmandM.Sc.Moghaddam2023-02-19
Landscape preferences from the point of view of the physically-motor disabled (case study: Mashhad city)aliasghar hasanzadehM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-02-19
Evaluation of som Fertilizer and Gibberellin pelleting treatments on germination Characteristics and Seedling Growth of Lettuce Seed Star Cultivar (Lactuca sativa var star)Zahra YaghobianM.Sc.Nemati2023-02-19
The Study on the Effect of Environment and Hoagland\\\'s Nutrition on Vegetative and Generative Traits of Sweet Basile \\\"Genovese”Farzane AsghariM.Sc.Azizi2023-02-19
The study on some horticultural crops sensitivity to essential oil spraying for organic agricultureMohammadsaleh MahmoudieshkaftakiM.Sc.Azizi2023-02-19
Comparison of food and industrial dyes on tuberose Polianthes tuberosa dyeing and the effect of preservative solutions on vase life of colored flowersNiloufar RouzbehanehM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-02-19
Effect of seed priming and application of salicylic acid and glycine betaine on induction of cold Resistance in melon seedlingNASIBE KHANDANM.Sc.Arouiee2023-02-26
Spatial analysis for construction of green roofs, case study: some districts in Mashhad cityKimia JafariM.Sc.Kazemi2023-03-05
The effect of paclobutrazol and prohexadione-calcium on Morphological and physiological traits of ScheffleraMaryam GhodsianM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-03-15
Effects of selenium on growth and some physiological characteristics of Dianthus barbatus L. under drought stressMaryam Fayaz-moslehM.Sc.Shoor2023-04-16
The effects of humic acid application and drought stress on tomato plant seedlingsINAM ABDULHUSSEIN KADHIM AL ABBOODIM.Sc.Nemati2023-06-21
Effect of putrescine and gibberellic acid on alternate bearing and some important quality and quantity characteristics of seedless barberryneda moharreriPhDAbedi2023-08-15
Studying the effect of intensity and quality of LED light on morphophysiological changes and vegetative characteristics of greenhouse cucumber seedlingsMohamad Ali izadpanah toosi tehranM.Sc.Arouiee2023-08-16
Effect of cycocel and pinching on vegetative growth and flowering of Pelargonium grandiflorumSaeed EbrahimiM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-09-10
Improving the yield and amount of active ingredients of stevia in dry conditions using nutritional treatmentsAbdolvahab MoadelM.Sc.Azizi2023-09-11
The study on the effect of LED light on growth and active substances in SaturejaGhassem MirhosseiniM.Sc.Azizi2023-09-11
The effect of different levels of biochar on the morphological and biological properties of rose plant (Rosa hybrida) under different levels of salinitySana AnsariM.Sc.Nemati2023-09-12
Evaluation of different concentrations of sodium nitroprusside (SNP) in reducing the toxicity caused by cadmium in Salvia virgate plant under in vitro conditionsFaeze BeheshtiM.Sc.Moghaddam2023-09-13
The Effects of Cultivation Method and Density on Quantitative and Qualitative Characteristics of Three Native Pumpkin Landracesmansoreh norozdokhtM.Sc.Nemati2023-09-21
Investigating the effects of concentration, hormone type and cutting diameter on rooting and propagation of hardwood cuttings of Lagerstroemia indicaAbolfazl Ghodrati M.Sc.Nemati2023-09-21
Investigating the response of pot marigold (Calendula officinalis L.) to methanol foliar application under different soil moisture levelsReyhane NiabatiM.Sc.Moghaddam2023-09-21
Investigating the accumulation of cadmium and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in German chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) in saline soils with an emphasis on phytochemical assays using UPLC-DAD/ESI-QTOF-MS and GC-MSHamid AhmadpourmirM.Sc.Azizi2023-09-21
Investigation The Effect Of Vegetative Rootstocks M7 and M111 on vegetative traits and yield of scion cultivars Golden delicious and Redelstar in Chenaran regionleila GolmohammadiM.Sc.Davarynejad2023-09-21
Investigation of heavy metal uptake on morphophysiological and biochemical properties of Mentha in urban green areakeyvan poorhosseinM.Sc.Abedi2023-09-21
Optimization of the radiofrequency low-pressure cold plasma conditions for decontamination of saffron while maintaining its quality and metabolitesMahsa KhodabandehPhDAzizi2023-09-21
The effect of seed priming by nitrozist on the growth and some quantitative and qualitative characteristics of pumpkin under feeding with different nitrogen sources.reyhane baghishaniM.Sc.Nemati2023-09-21
The effect of cocoa and vanillin coating on the quantitative and qualitative traits of Mozafati dates during the storage periodZaid LuteifyM.Sc.Abedi2023-09-21
Effect of seaweed and boron on quantitative and traits parsley flowerHuda AlmamooriM.Sc.Abedi2023-09-21
The effect of Heracleum persicum essential oil on storage conditions, shelf life and physicochemical properties of ready-to-eat pomegranate arilsMatineh MoradianM.Sc.selahvarzi2023-09-21
The effect of potassium silicate on yield and physicochemical characteristics of pistachio trees (Fandoghi CV) under salinity conditionsAtefe MaldariM.Sc.selahvarzi2023-09-21
e study on the application of natural compounds on control of some weed by Cotton Swab and Dish Pack methodsHODA SAJEDIMEHRM.Sc.Azizi2023-09-21
Comparison of charcoal and biochar obtained from Black locust on morphophysiological triats and active ingredients of sage (Salvia officinalis L.) under cadmium stressMasoume MahdaviM.Sc.Moghaddam2023-09-21
Comparison the Effect of Different Nitrogen Sources on Morphological, Physiological Characteristics and Nutrient Element Absorption of Cucurbita pepo var Clarita SL5Mehran KhajezadehM.Sc.Arouiee2023-10-09
Studying the application of biofertilizers, enriched potassium and amino acids as priming on the growth indicators and morphophysiological characteristics of lettuce seedlings.Zaid Al DabbaghM.Sc.Arouiee2023-10-16
Comparison of the effects of carbon nanotubes and preservative solutions on flower opening, quality and vase life two cultivars of cut rosePooran ShariatiM.Sc.Tehranifar2023-11-18
The Comparison between fertigation and foliar application of macroelements on growth, active substances and nutrient uptake in Malva sylvestris /Mohammad Karimi ChenarboM.Sc.Azizi2023-11-28
The effect of potassium silicate on improving growth and biochemical parameters of roses seven color rose under salt stressRahele Hosseinzade M.Sc.Shoor2024-01-24
Effect of Foliar Application of Phosphorus Chelate and Calcium-Amino Chelates Fertilizers on quality and quantity properties of Rose hybrid. Cv. SamouraiFaezeh ShakourifarM.Sc.Tehranifar2024-01-30
Study of Bacillus subtilis biofertilizer and palm fiber biochar inalleviation of salt stress in Rosmarinus officinalisMahdiye NikootadbirM.Sc.Shoor2024-01-30
The effect of leaf and fruit extract of American mulberry (Maclura pomifera Raf. Schneid.) on Erwinia amylovera (fireblight of pomefruits) in labratorary conditionsToktam SelahvarziM.Sc.Abedi2024-02-07
Effect of Gibberellic acid and Indole butyric acid on the morphophysiological and biochemical characteristics of three Haworthia succulent species (Haworthia spp.)faryar taladarM.Sc.Tehranifar2024-02-17
Effect of shading and water stress on biochemical and physiological indices and pesticide residues of appleSayed Ali YaqoobiPhDDavarynejad2024-02-17
Investigating the propagation of Philodendron erubescens 'Black Cardinal' using tissue culture techniqueSeyed Masomeh Hoseiny KhaliliM.Sc.Tehranifar2024-02-19
The effect of benzyl adenine -BA- and pinching to promoting of offset production in haworthia attenuate var. radula f.variegataahmad bagherpourM.Sc.Tehranifar2024-02-19
The effect of 2, 4, D and propolis on the quality and vaselife of cut roseJavad BaratianM.Sc.selahvarzi2024-02-19
Screening of Some Local Cucurbits Landraces in order to Achieve Drought Tolerant RootstocksMohammadjavad ToussiM.Sc.Nemati2024-02-19
Study of the role of biofertilizers and urea in morphophysiological changes and accumulation of basil nitrate (Ocimum basilicum L.)Samira Nicknam GhooshkhanehM.Sc.Arouiee2024-02-19
The stydy on the effect of culture media ( compost and liquid culture medium) on biomass production, and secondary metabolites of mushroom Trametes versicolorAtefeh Zadeh GholamM.Sc.Azizi2024-03-04
Investigation of callusogenesis, genetic diversity and increasing cold resistance through somaclonal variation in potato cultivarstoktam ahmadiPhDNemati2024-03-05
Study the Effect of Postharvest Application of Sucrose, 8-Hydroxyquinoline Sulfate, 1-Methylcyclopropene and Methyl Jasmonate on Morpho-physiological and Biochemical Characteristics and Vase Life of Alstroemeria Cut FlowersAtiqullah SediqyPhDTehranifar2024-06-02