Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defined date of defense
Section Supervisor
Estimate marginal value of irrigation of Karun river catchment city of shushtar(for different products) and Identify the factors itGhobad Abdollahi ArpanahiM.Sc.Ghorbani2011-05-31
economical , social and ecological valuation of services of the rangelands (case study: khorasan razavi privance).zeynab arabzadehM.Sc.Ghorbani2012-03-10
Effect of targeted subsidies for energy carriers in agricultureaida ariabodM.Sc.Karbasi2012-06-05
Checking Behavior Insurance of Farmers Mashhad cityMehran MosaddeghiM.Sc.Ghorbani2012-12-15
New channel design marketing of mushroom in Mashhadjavad gazmehM.Sc.Karbasi2013-12-21
Effect of financial and non-financial factors on the stock return volatility of agricultural companiessaeid hatitehM.Sc.Dourandish2015-02-28
Investigation of Iranian cumin export capacityfarzane kamali hoseinzadeM.Sc.Karbasi2015-02-14
factors affecting the success of rural government officer cooperatives in Khorasan Razavi provinceSomaye PirgaziM.Sc.Dourandish2015-06-29
identifying groundwater wells property regime and its impact on agricultural production efficiency ( case study: Belharat Rural District, of Nishapur)fatemeh eghbalyM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2014-11-22
Spatial analysis of agricultural land use change drivers in Iran: (Application of multilevel model)Seyed Mohammadreza AkbariP.H.D.Ghorbani2015-07-13
The Study of social capital effects in the sustainable development of agricultural sector in Khorasan Razavi province, Iran.hossein rohaniP.H.D.Ghorbani2017-04-22
Designing and pricing agricultural option contracts in IranMAHBOUBEH NAROUEIP.H.D.Shahnoushi froshani2017-11-07
Investigating the structure , conduct (leadership) and performances of agricultural products market in Iran(Case study: Date).mohammad rahatiP.H.D.Ghorbani2017-05-27
The Impact of Food Safety and Quality Standards on Food Exports (Case Study: Export of All Kind Of Pistachios, Raisin and Saffron to Target Countries – Codex Stan 131, 67, UNECE DDP09 (MOJTABA SHAHRAKI MOHAMMADIP.H.D.Mohammadi2018-06-30
Economic research on the effect of research and development of processing sector on the value chain of saffronLaya EnjiliM.Sc.Karbasi2018-09-08
Modeling the Impact of Agricultural Risks on the Sustainable Livelihood Security of Farmers - Case study: Mashhad cityMaryam GhalandariM.Sc.Ghorbani2019-01-26
Modeling the effective components on development of market and exports of Iran’s fisheryMilad AminizadehP.H.D.Mohammadi2019-02-27
Investigation the factors influencing on canola cultivated area expansion and its effects on dominant traditional products of Golestan provinceazadeh hosseiniM.Sc.Ghorbani2019-03-09
Adaption of farmers decisions to climate change -case study: neyshabour city farmers-soheyla fathabadiM.Sc.Dourandish2019-03-09
Effective framework of water accounting applicable for sub-basin of the Large Karoonzahra sayahiM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2019-03-09
Analysis Designing Marketing Model for Rural corporative Structures in Khorasan Razavi provincepourya motamediM.Sc.Karbasi2019-03-09
The effects of government support policies on supply chain of tea in Giluan provincemarziyeh ghorbandostM.Sc.Mohammadi2019-03-09
Estimation of food demand function in urban and rural areas of Iran with an emphasis on endogenous Price.Amir Moatabar RoodyP.H.D.Ghorbani2019-01-14
The Survey of Impact of politic shocks on Sugar supply chain in IRANnazanin rezazadehP.H.D.Ghorbani2019-01-19
Optimization of shrimp supply chain: A case study of Bandar Abbassaman shahbaziM.Sc.Ghorbani2019-09-14
Economic Optimization of agricultural water management and the possibility of water exchange: Case study of neishabour plainSeyed foad AkbariM.Sc.Dourandish2019-09-14
Investigating the effects of government policies on rural exodus trends in khorasan razavi provincehamideh hamidehpourP.H.D.Shahnoushi froshani2019-09-14
Investigating the Impact of Farmers Group Decision Making on Groundwater Resources ManagementMahsa Bahrami NasabP.H.D.Ghorbani2019-12-11
Investigating the role of livestock management in reducing the impact of economic sanctions -Case study Mashhadkobra zanganehM.Sc.Firoozzare2019-12-07
Economic Study of Producers and Consumers Behavior towards Acceptance of Recycled Water in Production and Consumption of Selected Cropssasan esfandiariP.H.D.Firoozzare2020-01-26
Consumer preferences in native chicken consumption -Gorgan city case study-zahra roshaniyesaghiM.Sc.Ghorbani2020-02-22
Analysis of Technical and Environmental Efficiency of Cucumber Greenhouses in Zabol Town Using The Data Envelopment Analysiskhadijeh azarsaM.Sc.Abolhassani2020-05-09
Investigating the effects of price and non-price support policies on the production of oilseeds in Iranzahra hoshmand aliM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2020-10-03
investigating the Factors affecting employment in non-agricultural activities -case study:bardaskan sity-elham taghaviM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2020-10-31
Economic investigation of dust deposition effects on wheat yield and wheat production efficiency in selected provinces of Iran: A bioeconomic approachNasibeh ZareiP.H.D.Sabouhi Sabouni2020-11-21
Investigating the effect of business environment on the export performance of agricultural productsmaryam rajabiM.Sc.Mohammadi2021-02-13
Investigating the effect of the initial bid on the willingness to pay estimated by the contingent valuation method: A case study of environmental labelsSamaneh HeydariM.Sc.Abolhassani2021-04-10
Factors affecting the economic efficiency of sub-units of Khorasan Razavi water and wastewater company with an emphasis on non-revenue waterelahe bairamzadehM.Sc.Abolhassani2021-04-17
Investigation of the pistachio retail price dispersion and its effective factors in MashhadAMIRETESAM ADIBM.Sc.Firoozzare2021-05-29
developing participatory schemes for qanat restoration and evaluation of its effects with sustainable development approachNazanin YousefianP.H.D.Shahnoushi froshani2021-05-10
Modeling the Behavior of Buying Healthy Food Products in the Context of Behavioral Economicsbahareh zandiP.H.D.Karbasi2021-07-05
he role of marketing mixe in selected agricultural proudct waste with emphasis on the consumption sector (in behavioral economics context)Mehdi MahmoudiP.H.D.Mohammadi2021-07-19
Estimation of PM2.5 Emission Costs on Productivity and Quality of Life of Mashhad Human Force Populationsaber kalhoriP.H.D.Abolhassani2021-10-02
investigating the factors affecting farmers tendency to contract farming in khorasan Razavi province a case study of raisinsfarhad farokhmaneshM.Sc.Firoozzare2021-07-10
Economic and environmental susceptibility of Hyrcanian forests firesElnaz NejatiyanpourP.H.D.Sabouhi Sabouni2021-11-29
Investigating the role of Microcredit on Households Resilience villages of Zehak countyَAli reza Sani HeidaryP.H.D.Daneshvar Kakhki2021-12-20
Evaluation of Ecological Sustainability Function with Two Supply and Demand-Oriented Approaches: Case Study of Mellat Park in Mashhad, IranAzadeh TaalimoghaddamP.H.D.Abolhassani2021-12-18
Designing an optimal integrated model of sustainable rural development- Khalil Abad zone-Fatemeh zafarP.H.D.Daneshvar Kakhki2022-01-29
Modeling the export behavior of companies exporting dairy products in Iranmahdi mohammadiandaloeeP.H.D.Karbasi2022-01-31
The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on Indicators of Sustainable Rural Development: A Case Study of Villages in Mashhadmahdi sepahi koopkanM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2022-01-15
Designing Rice Smart Supply ChainFatemeh Habibi NodehP.H.D.Ghorbani2022-03-07
Identifying factors affecting food security in AfghanistanAyaz Khan NaseriP.H.D.Shahnoushi froshani2022-03-14
Strategies to promote the role of the Agricultural Commodity Exchange in the market of selected agricultural products in IranMaryam MousaviM.Sc.Mohammadi2022-04-30
The effects of natural tourism on production and employment in Golestan province (regional input-output approach).Zahra GhazaviM.Sc.Shahnoushi froshani2022-08-20
Designing A Sustainable Cropping System in The Mashhad Plain: A Case Study of The Central Sectorommeh hani mousavi khalediP.H.D.Firoozzare2022-10-08
Investigating factors affecting the adoption of electronic markets by farmersParisa SadeghiM.Sc.Karbasi2022-11-19
Designing insurance contracts for agricultural products: the case study of pistachio crop in Mehwalat citySomayeh HamidiM.Sc.Firoozzare2022-12-17
Analysis of market risks on the agribusiness growth of Khorasan Razavi poultry production unitsMalihe SheibaniP.H.D.Karbasi2022-12-07
The effect of selected institutional and economical variables on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the poultry subsector -case study in Mashhad-maryam dehghaniP.H.D.Mohammadi2022-11-30
Analysis of the economic resilience of Cattle holdings production agribusiness against economic shockshengame hendizadehP.H.D.Karbasi2022-11-30
Analysis of Plum Value Chain in Torghabeh Shandiz CitySamira Takhte Bor FarimaniM.Sc.Karbasi2023-02-25
Assessment of the Impacts of Energy-Subsidy Policies in the Agricultural Sector on the Groundwater-Energy-Food Nexus; the Case of Khorasan Razavi Province in IranMohammadreza RamezaniP.H.D.Shahnoushi froshani2022-07-13
assessing economic effects of air pollution reduction policies applying environmental social accounting matrix: case study of Khorasan Razavi ProvinceMasoumeh Zarif P.H.D.Abolhassani2023-02-25
Studying environmental-economic accounting implementation in MashhadShamimeh SoroushM.Sc.Abolhassani2023-05-13
Identifying Economic and Social of Factors Affecting the Behaviour of Plastic Concumption and Its Environmental Consequences A Case Study of Bread Buyers from Bakeries in the West of TehranSamaneh NasiriM.Sc.Abolhassani2023-09-23
: investigation of effective factors on intention to behave pro-environmentally of students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad -Case Study : Faculty of Agriculture, Natural resources and Environment, Engineering, Theology and Islamic education and Mathematical Sciences-Saeed AbbasiM.Sc.Daneshvar Kakhki2023-09-18
Investigating the effect of information flips on farmers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' preferences on the acceptance of integrated farming systems: a case study of Chenaran cityFatemeh PourmohammadM.Sc.Firoozzare2023-11-11
The effects of sanctions on trade of selected agricultural inputs and productsJavad AsaadiM.Sc.Mohammadi2024-03-02
Analysis of risk management behavior in dairy cattle breeding industrial units of Mashhad cityAli MollaeiM.Sc.Firoozzare2024-01-13
Investigating factors affecting the choice of type of bread consumed by households in TehranMahkameh YazdiM.Sc.Mohammadi2024-03-09
Ranking of greenhouse summer crops production based on technical and environmental performance -case study: Khorasan-Razavi Province-Saeed JanghorbanianM.Sc.Sabouhi Sabouni2024-04-27
Investigating factors affecting the performance of home businesses in the agricultural sector in MashhaDFateme Yousefian MehrM.Sc.Mohammadi2024-06-22