Thesis Title Student Section Supervisor Defined date of defense
Section Supervisor
Effect of drought stress and foliar metanol on chickpea yield and yield componentsShahrbanoo TaherabadiM.Sc.Parsa2010-03-06
effect of gibberellin, indole acetic acid and cytokinin on flower abscission and yield of chickpeaebrahim reza meratiM.Sc.Parsa2010-02-20
Effect of seed priming on cold tolerance in germination and seedling early growth stages in riceFarzin Pouramir DashtmianP.H.D.Khajeh Hosseini2010-12-19
Title: Designing of cropping pattern in mashhad plain based on energy use efficiency , water and economic factors.hamid barakiP.H.D.Parsa2010-11-28
Effect of different nitrogen levels and irrigation on yield,yield components and sink-source relations in chickpea(Cicer arietinum L)zohreh aminiM.Sc.Parsa2012-03-05
evaluation the effects of walnut extract allelopathy on germination and growth of seedling weeds in sandy and clay soil culturemohammadhosen gazidaryM.Sc.Naseri2012-03-10
Morphophysiological and phytochemical evaluation of four Satureja species under water deficit and cold stresseshamed zarif ketabi mashhadP.H.D.Khazaei2012-03-04
Study the effects of maize (Zea mays L.) seed coating with natural and synthetic water absorbent materials on seed germinationmahmood reza bahramiP.H.D.Khajeh Hosseini2012-02-26
Evaluation of biodiversity trend for wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) field under usage of pesticides, herbicides and rotationHossein KarimpurP.H.D.Nezami2012-05-27
Evaluation of biology and the possibility of biological control of Downy brome grass (Bromus tectorum) and studying its distribution in IranEhsan zeidaliP.H.D.Ghorbani2011-06-22
Environmental Assessment of Intensive and Extensive Farming Systems in Khorasan Based on LCAagrin davariP.H.D.Nassiri Mahallati2013-01-16
Sweet corn transplanting an approach for saving watermatin haghighi khahP.H.D.Khajeh Hosseini2013-01-15
The Marginal effects of Datura plant on diversity and density of tomatos key pestsmaliheh rezaeiM.Sc.Asadi2013-05-05
The influence of seed priming on transplanting performance and seed yield of watermelon(Citrullus Lunatus)Masoud ZarandiM.Sc.Khajeh Hosseini2013-05-05
Assessment of cumin(Cuminumcyminum) and chickpea (Cicerarietinum) intercropping in relay intercroppingvahid ghahrmani ghale joghM.Sc.Naseri2013-05-05
Assessment of competitive and economic indices with different plant arrangement in cumin/pea intercropping system.haniyeh moshiriM.Sc.Naseri2013-05-05
ََََAllelopathic Potential of wheat, canola and Ephedra on weeds controll of soybean in field conditionsjafar alboghbaishM.Sc.DADKHAH2013-06-02
Allelopathic effect of sugar beet, canola and Ephedra on weeds control of chickpea under field conditionsbehrouz babaeinjadM.Sc.DADKHAH2013-06-02
Effects of combined application of biological fertilizers and cereal residue on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Marigold ( Calendula officinalis )Cobra Fani KheshtyM.Sc.Naseri2013-05-05
Evaluation of growth and physiological suger beet (Beta vulgaris L.) affected by freezing stress under controlled conditionsSamaneh EltejaeiM.Sc.Kafi2013-05-05
Conditions of climate change and its effect on wheat crop calendar in Torbat-e- Heydarieh citySeyed Ebrahim HashemiM.Sc.Parsa2013-05-05
Effects of different planting dates on yield, yield components and seed quality and agronomic traits in bread and durum wheat varietiesmahdi nasiritabriziM.Sc.DADKHAH2013-06-02
Evaluation of competitive criteria in resource use and yield aspects of intercropped barley/vetch and triticale/vetchFAKHREDDIN HASHEMI SCHADEGANP.H.D.Koocheki2013-12-30
Effects of salicylic acid application on growth and physiological trait of some Canola new cultivars (Brassica napus L.)kurosh eskandari zanjaniP.H.D.Nezami2014-01-05
Assessment of growth and physiological traits of new fall sugarbeet (Beta Vulgaris L.) cultivars affected by plant density and planting dateALIJAN SALARIYANP.H.D.Khazaei2014-01-11
Assessment of mixing ability and estimation of monetary value of ecosystem services in some spring crops and medicinal plants in yasouj.seyyed keramat didgahP.H.D.Koocheki2013-12-30
Evaluation of morphophysiological characteristics of Plantago major under drought stressHamid Reza JafariP.H.D.Nezami2013-09-16
Evaluation of physiological and growth characteristics of Plantago major under salinity stress conditionsnavid khatamianP.H.D.Nezami2014-01-12
Application of modeling to evaluate potential and yield gap of flue-cured tobacco in Mazandaran and Golestan provincesreza mohsenzadehP.H.D.Rezvani Moghaddam2013-09-08
The use of vetiver grass (Vetiveria zizanioides) in the phytoremediation of soils contaminated with heavy metals around Sarcheshmeh Copper ComplexSaleh Azad ShahrakiP.H.D.Rezvani Moghaddam2013-09-08
study on ecophysiology of lepyrodiclis (Lepyrodiclis holosteoides Fenzl.) and investigation on chemical control of lepyrodiclis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L. )Mohammad SarhaddiP.H.D.Rastgoo2013-10-07
A Study on Quantification of sustainability in dryland and irrigated wheat production and their assessment methods, case study: Khozestan provincenarges daghighianP.H.D.Bannayan Aval2013-09-08
Evaluation of various wheat lines and cultivars to different levels of agronomic inputs in order to design wheat ideotypes for low-input systemsghasem kord firuzjaeeP.H.D.Koocheki2014-06-01
The study of physiological and phonological aspects of common wheat cultivars in north khorasan under the influence of cold stress in controlled and farm conditionsmohammad karimanP.H.D.Kafi2014-06-08
Growth and physiological traits of some Iranian aromatic rice under salinity and end season droughtahmad jafarzadehP.H.D.Nezami2014-06-08
Influence of tillage systems (no tillage, reduced tillage and conventional) and crop rotation corn, mung bean, sesame and rice on weed management and seed banks in KhuzestanREZA POURAZARP.H.D.Rezvani Moghaddam2014-12-28
Assessment and designing of decision support system for weed management of winter wheatAlireza AtriP.H.D.Ghanbari2015-01-07
evaluations of biological characteristics of syrian bean caper (Zygophillum fabago L.)Majid HeidariP.H.D.Rastgoo2015-01-07
The role of niche dynamics on the evolution of weediness character in broomrape (Orobanche sp and Phelipanche sp)Salman RahimiP.H.D.Ghanbari2015-01-07
Effect of nitrogen supply on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of different conditions watering savory.MAJID bahadorianP.H.D.Bannayan Aval2014-12-28
Environmental impact assessment of urban agriculture of metropolises case:tehranmohammad hadi heidarzadeh moghaddamP.H.D.Bannayan Aval2014-12-28
Evaluation the effect of reduced dose of Trifluralin and hand weeding on soybean (Glycine max L. ) weed controlMarieh torehM.Sc.Rastgoo2015-04-09
Optimizing of nitrogen, phosphorus and cattle manure fertilizers application in foliage maize production using response-surface methodology (RSM) and evaluation of the determined levels on radiation and water use efficienciesAbdolreza Nokhbeh ZaeimP.H.D.Jahan2016-01-30
Effect of Nutrient Management, Irrigation and Growing Media on Morphology, Physiology and Biochemistry of Medicinal Plant Brazambal (Perovskia abrotanoides karel.)Zhaleh Haghighat ShishavanP.H.D.Kafi2016-05-08
Orbanche fungal pathogen identification as potential biocontrol agents in the summer crop fields of Khorasanelham naeimiM.Sc.Asadi2016-05-25
: Comparison of direct seeding and transplanting cultivation on growth, physiological characteristics and yield of melon cultivar Khatuni in Mashhadalireza kholghipourM.Sc.Parsa2015-04-17
Evaluation the possibility of using the methods of herbicide-mulch combination in tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum)weed controlmarzieh AzimiM.Sc.Izadi Darbandi2017-04-09
Evaluation of freezing tolerance of six canola cultivars under greenhouse and field conditionsbehnam keshavarzM.Sc.Kafi2017-03-02
Allelopathic effect of medicinal plants on weeds in corn field using a Fan-designHossein MohammadiM.Sc.Khorramdel2018-04-22
Micro-propagation and establishment of the critically endangered endemic Rhaponticoides schmidii Wagenitz. under in vitro conditions and study of its secondary metabolites affected by salicylic acid and water deficiency: physiological approaches.Hessamoddin SoloukiP.H.D.Kafi2018-09-04
Effect hormonal, non hormonal and temperature treatments on the breaking dormancy of Potato mini-tubers Cv. Agria.FARHAD OBOUDIATM.Sc.Khajeh Hosseini2018-09-23
Evaluation the Herbicide Residue and its effect on quality indices of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in Razavi Khorasan provinceabdollah dorpoorP.H.D.Rastgoo2018-09-23
Study the effects of Three Mycorrhizal Fungi on Growth Characteristics, Root Colonization Rate and Phosphorus Concentration in Shoots of two Type of Petuniaseyed mahmoud sorayayM.Sc.Jahan2019-01-13
Study of different method effects of seed dormancy break and seedling methods on physiology and phenology indexes of bitter melon weed -Citrullus colocynthis L.-sima rahimiP.H.D.Ghanbari2019-03-03
Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of hybrid seed and parent lines of forage sorghum genotypes under different environmental conditions.ali geranpayehP.H.D.Tavakkol Afshari2019-03-17
Effect of herbicide application and evaluation of tolerance of some weed species in chickpea -Cicer arietinum L.- under drought stress conditions.RahimBakhsh MohammadnezhadlegiP.H.D.Izadi Darbandi2019-05-26
Genetic variation of seed vigor in native Iranian landraces of onion using physiological mechanismsReza KamaeiP.H.D.Kafi2019-07-01
Evaluation the possibility of using the methods of herbicide-mulch combination in controlling of weeds in urban green areaahmad hassaniM.Sc.Izadi Darbandi2019-07-21
Evaluation of drought vulnerability and risk in Khorasan provinces for insurance pricing based on climate indices for wheatHoda LatifiP.H.D.Khorramdel2019-09-24
Evaluation of the effect of genetic diversity on yield stability of rainfed wheat using evolutionary crop breeding methodMaedeh SalimiP.H.D.Koocheki2019-09-24
The study of some aspects of seed germination ecology of invasive weed Geranium robertianum L. influenced to some environmental factors and stressAbdollah jaliliP.H.D.Izadi Darbandi2019-11-20
Evaluation of saffron yield potential and yield gap in Razavi, South and North Khorasan provinces, IranMohammad Hassan Hatefi FarajianP.H.D.Rezvani Moghaddam2019-12-08
The effect of chemical and biological fertilizer on growth, physiology and yield of chickpea in deficit irrigationNiloufar Jalayeri niaP.H.D.Nezami2020-01-26
Comparison of physiological and agronomic characteristics of drought candidate resistant cultivars of chickpea in field and greenhouse conditionsmehrdad saeidianP.H.D.goldani2020-06-28
The effect of seed and nutritional treatments on the characteristics of seedling emergence and establishment, growth, quantitative and qualitative yield of quinoa -Chenopodium quinoa Willd- under irrigation with saline watersahar morid ahmadiP.H.D.Kafi2020-01-26
Investigation on the breaking dormancy treatments on the seeds and bulb of shallotsZahra RamezanzadehM.Sc.Khajeh Hosseini2020-10-21
Evaluation of resources use efficiency of wheat cultivars with different growth habits at high rates of nitrogen applicationafsaneh yousefiP.H.D.Koocheki2020-10-06
Evaluation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Intercropping Systems under Organic and Conventional ManagementsMohammad Javad MostafaviP.H.D.Asadi2020-10-06
Effect of macro and microplastic on some biological criteria of soil and plantMina HooshmandP.H.D.Rezvani Moghaddam2020-10-06
Quantification of the effect of different water quality indices on the performance of some weak acid herbicidesomidreza douzandeh khorasaniM.Sc.Rastgoo2020-11-08
The study of vigour of wheat seed lots and its relation with the speed of cell cycle during germinationnajmeh salehanP.H.D.Khajeh Hosseini2020-10-21
Effect of irrigation with waste water on some physiological and morphological characteristics of plants in Kashafroudkhalid tookhiM.Sc.Khorramdel2020-12-13
Investigation the residual effects of Acetolactate Synthase -ALS- inhibiting herbicides on the yield and physiologic indices of corn in different irrigation cycles in north of Khuzestan provinceNarges SaadiP.H.D.Hajmohammadnia Ghalibaf2021-01-10
Evaluation of competitive relationships between soybean (Glycine max L.), velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti L.) and barnyardgrass (Echinochloa crus-galli) under salinity and drought stressseyed hamid moghadamP.H.D.Rastgoo2021-03-10
Evaluation the novel techniques to detecting biotypes of winter wild oat (Avena ludoviciana Durieu.) and wild mustard (Sinapis arvensis L.) resistant to ACCase and ALS inhibitors herbicidesHossein Mokhtari KarcheganiP.H.D.Rastgoo2021-03-10
Seed germination and dormancy biology in some species and ecotypes of the genus Fritillaria in IranHamid SharifiP.H.D.Khajeh Hosseini2021-02-21
Evaluation of salt tolerance in kabuli chickpea genotypes under field and controlled conditionsHaider Hamid FlayyihP.H.D.Nezami2021-02-01
Evaluation of Metribusin Efficiency and Soil Persistence in Combination with Organic and Inorganic Mulch in Tomato -Lycopersicum esculentum L.-Arash MaghsoudiP.H.D.Izadi Darbandi2021-02-21
Assessment of agronomic and ecological criteria in different production systems of Riceomid monemi amiriP.H.D.Khorramdel2020-10-06
The role of mucilage in the germination of balangu seeds in drought and salinity stresses conditionsZOHREH mahmoudianzoM.Sc.Khajeh Hosseini2021-05-05
Determination of phenological stages and effects of salinity and temperature in 2 Grey sage spieces (Atriplex lentiformis and A.cordulata) in germination and growth phasesAlireza DehghanP.H.D.Asadi2021-05-05
Survey of 2,4 – D MCPA and Atrazine tank mixture and post emergence application effects in fodder maize (Zea mays) integrated weed managementSeyyed Davoud Sajjadian JagharghP.H.D.Rashed Mohassel2021-06-13
The floristic study and mapping of weed species distribution in saffron (Crocus sativus) production centers in AfghanistanObaidullah GhaforyP.H.D.Asadi2021-06-27
Evaluation of Agrobiodiversity in AfghanistanMohammad Yousof JamiP.H.D.Koocheki2021-09-13
The effect of signaling compounds, on transfer of assimilates from shoot to tuber and the process of inducing leaf senescence in potatoes.mojtaba hosseinianP.H.D.Kafi2021-07-18
The Influence of foliar application of iron, zinc and manganese micronutrients on developing stages, yield and quality of seed and grain of two Camelina sativa genotypesAkram rostamipourP.H.D.Tavakkol Afshari2021-10-10
Evaluation of drought tolerance of desi chickpeas in different growth and development stages under controlled and field conditionmilad mousaviP.H.D.Parsa2021-10-31
Determination of the optimal crop pattern of Quchan abkooh section with emphasis on water resources managementelaheh ghashghaieeM.Sc.Kafi2021-12-05
ecophysiological characteristics and field study of Zataria multiflora Boiss in natural habitats and evaluation of possibility for domistication under cropping systemsMostafa ShemshadiM.Sc.Parsa2021-10-31
Evaluation of the effect of candidate herbicides on weed control of purple nutsedge (Cyperus rotundus L.) in onion (Allium cepa L.) (Onion set and transplanting cultivation) in south KermanMohammad RoozkhoshP.H.D.Rastgoo2021-10-31
The effect of sowing date on weed community dynamics and damage on sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.) cultivars in autumn sownNaeime Sadat Hoseyni MarghashM.Sc.Rastgoo2022-01-05
Salt stress amelioration in chickpea genotypes by salicylic acid and nitric oxideFateme NezampourM.Sc.Nezami2022-01-23
The effect of different fertilizer treatments on vegetative yield and quantity of Savory ) Satureja hortensis (essential oilJafar BondarM.Sc.Rezvani Moghaddam2022-04-20
Effect of foliar application of different levels of cytokinin and boron on seed development, yield and seed quality of oat cultivars -Avena sativa L.-.ZOHREH ZAREZADP.H.D.Tavakkol Afshari2021-12-19
Evaluation of quantitative and qualitative yield of forage maize (Zea mays L.) and efficiency of inputs in terms of application of animal manure, chemical fertilizer and slurry in conditions of use and non-use of biocharseyyed jalil davarpanahP.H.D.Rezvani Moghaddam2022-01-16
Optimization of Oxyfluorfen and haloxyfop-R-methyl ester herbicides by using adjuvants and sowing methods in weed control of onion fieldsshahram roodbariP.H.D.Izadi Darbandi2022-04-13
The effect of climate change on agro-climatic indices in IraqFatima AlsaediM.Sc.Khorramdel2022-05-08
Determining the compliance wheat and sugar beet-grown fields with land suitability maps using geospatial information system and remote sensing Case study: North Khorasan province.Mehri Nik BakhtM.Sc.Kamkar2022-09-11
Feasibility of tomato seeds treatment with Trichoderma and evaluation of its effects on seed germination and reduction of abiotic and physiological stressAtena ForoshandehM.Sc.Tavakkol Afshari2022-09-11
Response of selected kabuli chickpea genotypes -Cicer arietinum L.- to salinityMeshkat Jafari NasabM.Sc.Nezami2022-09-11
The effect of potassium on morphophysiological characteristics, quantitative and qualitative yield of quinoa -Chenopodium Quinoa Willd- and determining the critical of potassium of quinoa under irrigation with saline water.Zahra NasiriP.H.D.Kafi2022-07-24
Comparison of the effect of bio-nutrition on chickpea -Cicer arietinum L.- seed production in conventional and organic farming systemsMasoomeh AminiM.Sc.Fallahpour2022-08-22
Designing sugar beet -Beta vulgaris L.- ideotype for deficit irrigation using modeling approachAli AsadiP.H.D.goldani2022-10-02
Effect of irrigation and planting pattern on growth and yield of corn (Zea Mays L.) in MashhadMilad MohamaddostM.Sc.Nezami2022-10-02
Study of weed flora shift affected to different management methods and climates in wheat fields of north Khorasan Province.neda pasban zyaratP.H.D.Asadi2022-07-24
The effect of different planting methods on yield and yield components of 4 chickpea cultivars and genotypes in Mane and Samalghan region.Abdolali ShojaieM.Sc.Parsa2022-09-11
: Determining the water and nitrogen use efficiency of saffron at different levels of animal manure and zeolite under deficit irrigation conditionsJavaher Rahmanian RadkaniM.Sc.goldani2022-11-15
Evaluation of the tolerance of some grass weed species and wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to salt stress based on morphophysiological traits and yieldMohammad NaeimiM.Sc.Hajmohammadnia Ghalibaf2023-01-29
Analysis and mapping of spatio-temporal yield changes and yield stability of wheat, sugar beet and potato in Khorasan-Razavi ProvinceMahdi SoltaniM.Sc.Jahan2023-01-29
Efficacy of chemical and mechanical control of weeds in autumn and spring cultivation of chickpea) Cicer arietinum L.)Mahdi Janmohammadi TaalaM.Sc.Rastgoo2023-01-29
Evaluation of flora, damage and determining the critical period of weed control in Camelina (Camelina sativa L. Crantz) in Maneh va Samalqan cityAli NardiniM.Sc.Rastgoo2023-01-29
Determination the critical period of weed control of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) in MashhadMohammad Saeed ShahrabadiM.Sc.Asadi2023-01-29
Comparison of yield and fodder quality of six genotypes of quinoa -Chenopodium quinoa Willd.- in different stages of harvesting and irrigation with saline waterMahdi KhosrowshiriM.Sc.Kafi2023-03-12
Investigating the possibility of strawberry (Fragaria ananassa) weed control using mulch – herbicide combination approach in Golestan province.Yaghob MohammadpourP.H.D.Izadi Darbandi2023-03-12
The effect of supplementary irrigation time and herbicide application on wheat yield in Mashhad\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s rainfed lands under conservational cultivation and conventional tillage conditionsMehri SafaeiM.Sc.Hajmohammadnia Ghalibaf2023-04-16
Comparison of resistance of wheat genotypes to Eurygaster integriceps in Neyshabur climatic conditionsShahab JahandariM.Sc.Asadi2023-04-16
The effect of biological fertilizers on the performance and yield components of chickpeas in saline conditionsMaryam Keyvan ShokoohM.Sc.Ahmadi-Lahijani2023-04-16
Comparison of the effect of Slurry, animal manure and chemical fertilizer on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) as a medicinal plant in Mashhad conditionsZahra FarimanehM.Sc.Rezvani Moghaddam2023-04-16
The effects of different planting bed and planting hole volume of transplant tray on quality and yield of coneflower (Echanacea purpurea L.) in greenhouse conditionsNoshin Taemoei Hafez AbadM.Sc.Hajmohammadnia Ghalibaf2023-04-16
Investigation of the effect of cattle manure, bio and chemical fertilizers and foliar application of zinc on yield and yield components of sweet corn crop under Mashhad conditionsFatemeh MashkaniM.Sc.Jahan2023-04-16
Effect of Seed microbiome of Aeluropus littoralis on Tomato Performance under optimal and Salt Stress conditionsMahdi SafarianM.Sc.Kafi2023-10-08
Evaluation of the resistance of winter wild oat (Avena ludoviciana Dur.) population in the wheat fields of Khorasan Razavi province to acetyl coenzyme A carboxylase (ACCase) and acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitorsAkram HooshyarnezhadM.Sc.Rastgoo2023-09-17
The response of some morphophysiological and reproductive attributes of quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) and common lambsquarter (Chenopodium album L.) to drought stress and interaction.Pegah Ghohestani BojdM.Sc.Izadi Darbandi2023-09-17
Effects of temperature, humidity and storage time on germination characteristics of Iraqi wheat seed cultivarsAhmed AlkinaniM.Sc.Tavakkol Afshari2023-10-01
Study the use of commercial proline and produced by growth-promoting bacteria on the improvement of physiological traits of wheat under salt stress conditionsAli TaheriP.H.D.Kafi2023-11-19
Seed coating of edible onion -Allium cepa - and investigating its effect on seed germination characteristics and seedling establishment under drought and salinity stress conditions.Nafise KhademiM.Sc.Tavakkol Afshari2023-09-17
The study of seed germination and phenology of graceful spurge -Euphorbia hypericifolia- as an invasive weed affected by environmental factors.Habibeh Soltani NarabP.H.D.Izadi Darbandi2023-11-05
Ecophysiological study of the adaptation of Scrophularia striata in the natural areas of Ilam province, Iran, and the feasibility of planting it in the cropping systemMohammadjavad RahimiP.H.D.Rezvani Moghaddam2023-12-18
The role of indigenous knowledge in the management of soil fertility, with focus on pigeon towers in Yazd and Isfahan, IranSeyed Mohammad Dehghan ManshadiM.Sc.Fallahpour2023-12-18
: Phenology and germination characteristics of Catchweed Bedstraw -Galium aparine- under salinity and drought stress.Elnaz Hasan FakhrabadiM.Sc.Izadi Darbandi2024-01-14
Evaluating effects of seed coating methods and compositions on seed germination, seedling growth, emergence, drought and salt tolerance in Thinopyrum elongatumMelika Monabati MousaviM.Sc.Tavakkol Afshari2023-10-23
The study of phenology , germination characteristics and cardinal germination temperature of -Gypsophila Pilosa Hudson- under salinity and drought stress.Zahra Movahedian FarM.Sc.Izadi Darbandi2024-02-12
: Evaluation of Distinctness , Uniformity, Stability and Value for Cultivation and Use of triticale -Triticum secale-, rye -Secale montanum- and oat -Avena sativa- varietiesZahra Eshkil GandomaniM.Sc.Tavakkol Afshari2024-03-10
Bio-adaptability, seed yield and quality of fatty acids in safflower based on coating treatments under drought and salinity stressesReyhane AmelianM.Sc.Tavakkol Afshari2024-02-12
Seed Production of chickpea -Cicer arietinum L.- by transplantingSajede Sadat Hosseini HodkM.Sc.Khajeh Hosseini2024-05-19
The effect of seed coating on germination, seedling emergence, and establishment of cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) under different temperaturesReza RajabiM.Sc.Ahmadi-Lahijani2024-02-12